close up of bucket teeth on an excavator bucket

TK-Series Bucket Teeth for Excavators

Tackle tough jobs with the TK-Series

TK-Series Bucket Teeth* deliver maximum performance, excellent tooth retention and quick and easy replacement. All you need is a socket wrench.

Symmetrical Design

Nearly parallel multi-planer nose surfaces allow teeth to be flipped and pins to be retained from either side.

Stronger for Longer

TK-Series Bucket Teeth have a 70-percent consumption ratio.

Which teeth are right for your next job?


The FanggsTM (FD) tooth is an excellent choice for general-purpose applications. Its strong, curved shape increases bucket fill and provides good penetration.


The Chisel (CH) tooth is built for rock applications, thanks to its good penetration and self-sharpening profile.


The Tiger (TG) tooth provides maximum penetration for tightly compacted soils, clay, and even rock.


The Severe-Duty (SD) tooth boasts 20-percent more material than our Fanggs model. Designed for your toughest jobs, it’s ready to tackle highly abrasive applications where tooth wear is an issue. What’s that mean for you? Increased productivity and uptime.


The Flare (FR) tooth’s bucket-fill capabilities are perfect for softer soils and applications that require a clean, flat-bottomed surface.

Twin Tiger

The Twin Tiger (TT) tooth features two points designed for optimum penetration. This wider style is commonly used with TG teeth fitted to the outside corner positions of your bucket to maximize clearance during the dig cycle.

Put the Hammer Down

Installing and removing TK-Series Bucket Teeth is a simple, three-step process.

Step 1: Slip the TK tooth over the adapter nose.

Step 2: Slide the Turn Kam detent pin into the nose.

Step 3: Rotate the pin 1/2 turn to lock into place.

*For more information visit our Bucket Teeth page.