Our new larger reduced-tail-swing excavator won’t back down.

345G LC Reduced Tail Swing excavator

Got your back against the wall? Our 345G LC Reduced-Tail-Swing Excavator will save your tail — and its own. A larger alternative to our popular 245G LC, it punches above its weight, delivering more performance in close quarters. Whether your work is street repair, underground utilities, site development, or landscaping, the 345G LC gives you the street smarts you need to work around traffic or in congested areas.

Saves time in crunch time

Meeting customer demand for a larger, more powerful reduced-tail-swing model, the 345G LC helps you capably complete big projects.

Packs a punch

This tight-quarters specialist delivers more reach, lift capacity, digging depth, breakout forces, swing torque, and bucket capacity than the 245G LC.

Won't give up the fight

Turbocharged EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/ EU Stage IV diesel meets rigid emission standards, runs smooth, and packs plenty of power and torque reserve.

Comes out swinging

Swing open the side panels for quick, convenient, ground-level access to filters and daily service checkpoints.

Leaves inefficiency in the dust

Fine-mesh screen helps to keep large debris from entering the engine compartment and coolers. The screen is easy to remove for quick cleaning.

Won't cramp your style

A smaller back end doesn't mean a cramped workspace. The 345G LC features a spacious full-size cab.

More than tough enough

The 345G LC shares the same tough undercarriage with the larger 350G LC. With large idlers, rollers, and strutted links, this sealed and lubricated undercarriage delivers long and reliable performance.

Pumps up productivity

Our three-pump hydraulic system is an industry exclusive. One pump is dedicated to the swing circuit, so hydraulic flow is never compromised — for fast cycle times and smooth multifunction performance.

Attachment versatility

Standard one- and two-way proportional auxiliary hydraulics combined with electronic pressure reliefs and flow adjustments make switching between up to 11 different Attachments a breeze. Simply pick your attachment mode and go to work.


Highly efficient combustion burns nearly all the fuel during normal operation and generates very little soot. This means the after treatment system on the 345G LC does not include a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The machine uses only diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to reduce NOX and meet emission standards.