Pronounced “lan-yap,” it’s French Creole for “a little something extra” – and it’s what MiCa Enterprises is all about


A John Deere 410E ADT is shown with a 670G LC Excavator shoveling dirt in the background.

From the rocky peak of a lignite mine in Mansfield, Louisiana, the world opens up. In every direction, trees unfurl to the horizon, punctuated only by the towering, distant presence of the local power plant — and two mammoth pits that stretch for four miles end to end. To look at a map, you'd see that this mine, where 40 MiCa Enterprises employees continuously haul dirt, is larger in area than the 5,000-person town it neighbors. Sounds like more than a little extra. 


Looking down on this vast expanse of land, Mike Cagle, owner of MiCa Enterprises based in Marshall, Texas, explains what he and his team are up against. "This is a 3.4-millionyard job on more than 500 acres. We've had nearly twice the rain we normally have this time of year, and it's all come down in the last month and a half. In April alone, we had 10 inches, and the jobsite was even hit with a tornado. It's created some issues, but that's what makes this job so enjoyable. We come to work every day and figure out what to do differently than yesterday."

Tyler Cagle overlooks the job site next to the bucket of a John Deere 670G LC Excavator

Tyler Cagle overlooks the job site next to the bucket of a John Deere 670G LC Excavator


Spreading 4.25 feet of red dirt over two giant pits is no easy task. To tackle a job this big, Cagle knew he'd need a machine with some muscle. "Garrett Smith and Dale Couvillon at Doggett Heavy Machinery Services introduced us to the 670G LC Excavator a while back. They knew we moved a lot of bulk dirt, so they wanted us to try it out. We put them off for a few months, but then we got a big job in Texas building a series of haul roads for a new mining area. We figured that was as good a time as any to test what the 670G could do."

Portrait of Mike Cagle with his son, Tyler Cagle

Mike Cagle, owner of Mica Enterprises, with his son, Tyler Cagle


When Mike's son, Tyler Cagle, the site supervisor, is asked how the company's Deere excavator holds up in the Louisiana dirt, he cuts straight to the point. "We ask a lot from our machines, so they need to be powerful. With the 670G, we definitely move some dirt. It's a real moneymaker for us."

Tyler's been around heavy equipment all his life, so he's right at home on a jobsite."You can't keep me away from these machines. They've always felt like part of me. I love coming to work in the morning."

I'm lucky to work with top-notch people. They're the heartbeat of this company.

Mike Cagle
Owner, MiCa Enterprises


Randall Shull, the site's engineering technician, shares Tyler's enthusiasm for the work. "No two days are the same. I'm out here checking grade and project development. I'm mapping, maintaining GPS equipment, surveying yardage, and doing whatever else I need to do to get the job done as best as possible." 

Getting the job done quickly and effectively is exactly why Shull loves the 670G LC. "We're moving a large stockpile of wet, fatty clay, and this excavator stands up to the task. For all its size and power, the machine operates so smoothly. Our operator normally runs a 470G, and he was a little nervous at first, but now he's amazed at the amount of dirt the 670G can move so easily. It basically responds and reacts the exact same [as the 470G] despite being so much bigger, so he's perfectly comfortable in it — and even more productive." 

"When we load up our 410E Articulated Dump Trucks," Shull continues, "Mike always says, 'Put one more bucket on there,' so that's what we do. I guess you could say it's our motto, always doing a little more. Working an area this large, you need to take advantage of your equipment. With the power and precision of the 670G and the reliability of our 410Es, we're hauling tons and tons of dirt."

Mike Cagle and son stand with a couple members of the Mica Enterprises’ crew.

Pictured Left to Right: Randall Shull, Mike Cagle, Steven Cagle, and Johnnie Floyd Jr.


Along with endless gratitude for the support of his wife Gail, Cagle is quick to thank his employees for much of MiCa Enterprises’ success. "I'm lucky to work with top-notch people. We very much consider our employees family. They understand what we're all about. They do things the right way and don't mind being held accountable. They're the

And he credits his dealer for keeping their equipment up and running. "Doggett has been an incredible company to do business with. They understand what we do and how we do it. The Deere machines they provide us are excellent and their response times are second to none. We're glad to call them family, too." 

In the end, working with family is what matters most to Cagle. "In Louisiana, we call that lagniappe. It's French Creole for "a little something extra." I get to do what I love with Tyler and the rest of our team right here beside me. We're working hard to build this business together and provide our customers the highest quality product possible." 

MiCa Enterprises is serviced by Doggett Heavy Machinery Services, Longview, Texas.