Spring 2017

The Power to See Through Iron and Steel

The Data Revolution is Upon Us

diagram showing data flowing from machine to dealership and machine monitoring center


Uptime is everything in your fast-paced, everchanging world. You need reliable machines that deliver maximum productivity while keeping operating costs low. Because you have big jobs to finish, on schedule
and on budget.

We’re watching your fleet, so you can run your world. At the local level, John Deere dealerships continue to refine
and bolster their remote-monitoring capability to track the health of your machines in the field. This helps them
respond to critical issues more quickly and efficiently before they can cause costly downtime.

And our new centralized Machine Health Monitoring Center (MHMC) takes machine monitoring to the next level. Data collected from thousands of connected John Deere machines is analyzed by specialists in order to identify trends that will help improve the service, support, and current and future design of our machines.

“It’s all about delivering unprecedented levels of uptime to our customers,” says Tim Worthington, Manager, Product Support Services.

“Machine monitoring isn’t just about reacting. It’s about being proactive and preventing issues in the future. The Machine Health Monitoring Center gives the ability to look at data on a broad population of over 90,000 customer machines and what’s happening on a daily basis.”

It’s all about delivering unprecedented levels of uptime to our customers.

Tim Worthington
Manager, Product Support Services


Dealers are on the front line of monitoring customer machines for potential issues. Most of our construction machines come with five years of JDLink™ machine telematics service. This gives our dealers the capability to monitor your fleet around the clock through their individual Machine Monitoring Centers.

Response time is quick, so many problems can be addressed before they cause a major unplanned downtime event. Remote diagnostics and programming enable your dealer to read codes and record performance data without even having to make a trip to the jobsite.

And if a jobsite visit is warranted, remote diagnostics can help the technician show up with the right parts the first time.


To support our dealer efforts, we developed the MHMC and debuted it at CONEXPO-CON/AGG® with an impressive interactive display of its capabilities. Located inside John Deere Dubuque Works, where we design and build many of our machines, the MHMC is positioned strategically near our engineering teams, product experts, and assembly lines.

“Data coming off the machines may reveal an issue we can easily fix on the assembly line,” says Worthington. “It also provides information we can use to improve current and future features on our machines to provide more value to our customers.”

By aggregating and analyzing data from thousands of machines, the MHMC can identify trends that warrant a closer look. This helps us identify problems that may not surface on a local level and develop new, improved maintenance and repair protocols that the dealer can leverage.

The MHMC will help us be more able to predict downtime better than ever before and give our dealers a prescription for how to avoid it. “Our dealers are closest to the customer, but they are focused on a finite number of machines,” says Worthington. “By looking at the bigger picture, we can respond to issues that are affecting a broader population of machines much more quickly. And dealers will be able to leverage insight they wouldn’t have been able to obtain on their own.”

Through the support of your local John Deere dealer and the MHMC, you’ll be able to more effectively reduce downtime. “It’s pretty amazing, really,” says Worthington. “This experience is something vastly different than our customers have experienced before. We’re drawing on the collective intelligence of the entire machine population. Ultimately, we’re here to really focus on customers and keep them up and running. So they can run their world.”

 of it immediately. “They’re just a phone call away,” says Hardy. “We’ve used other suppliers and didn’t feel their service and parts department kept up with our needs. That’s why we exclusively use John Deere compact machines.”

We’re watching your fleet, so you can Run Your World. Locally staffed with dedicated John Deere dealer specialists and centrally backed by John Deere’s network command center at John Deere Dubuque Works to keep you moving forward by always having your back.