Running Up the Score

Exclusive 950K with PAT blade. So versatile, it’s almost unfair.

Still frame of PAT blade in motion

Your opinion matters, so when we started to develop a new high-production dozer in the 260–360-hp category, we listened. And at the top of the list of improvements our Customer Advocate Group (CAG) wanted was a machine that could handle both heavy excavating and fine-grading work. We responded with an industry exclusive — our 950K Dozer with a six-way power-angle-tilt (PAT) blade.

Our new production-class dozer, the 950K gives customers the power and control to be more successful than ever before. Think of it as a dual-threat quarterback, who is big, agile, and always ready to pass or run. It's an almost unfair advantage. The 950K is big enough to handle mass excavation. And with the addition of the PAT blade and a hydrostatic powertrain, it is equally adept at fine grading. Plus Eco mode optimizes fuel economy while maintaining ground speed by automatically adjusting engine speed and transmission settings based on load. Perfect for fine grading.

A production-class dozer equipped with a PAT blade was a hit with our CAG — and it is sure to score a lot of points with construction equipment owners.

We recently spoke with CAG members, and here’s what they had to say about the 950K with PAT blade:

Think a production-class dozer can’t fine grade? Think again. Introducing the John Deere 950K Crawler Dozer with a six-way power-angle-tilt (PAT) blade, the only 260-360 horsepower dozer fit to handle both heavy excavating and fine-grading work.