August 12, 2016

Avoid DEF Contamination by Handling with Care

The use of quality diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is a key to ensuring maximum performance and uptime from your Final Tier 4 engine. In recent months, a few DEF users have experienced SCR-system issues linked to DEF contamination. These issues highlight the continued importance of proper DEF use, handling and storage.

To avoid using contaminated DEF, keep in mind that:

  • DEF should be crystal-clear. Contaminated DEF may appear cloudy, have a colored tint or contain visible debris. If DEF is not crystal-clear, do not put it in the vehicle tank.
  • DEF should always be transferred, transported and stored in appropriate DEF containers. Never transfer or transport DEF using an old oil jug, coolant jug or other non-DEF jug. Even if these jugs look clean, they probably contain non-visible contaminants with potential to damage the SCR system. Non-visible contaminants may not cause a problem immediately, but issues and downtime could occur within hours, days or weeks.
  • John Deere recommends using a new jug of DEF or proper DEF handling equipment when transferring DEF. At a minimum, DEF should be transferred with a used DEF jug that hasn't been exposed to other fluids or contaminants.

If DEF is crystal clear and transferred using a container designed for and dedicated to DEF, DEF users can avoid contamination and associated equipment downtime.

For more recommendations regarding the proper use, handling and storage of DEF, visit your John Deere dealer.