October 05, 2015

Using the Proper Coolant Test Strips

While conventional coolants are still in use, Extended Life Coolant (ELC) is fast becoming the industry standard. Here's what you need to know:

While both conventional and ELC coolants effectively protect the engines in your fleet, they do not share the same chemical makeup. "Different additives are used so the chemical signatures of the two coolants are different," explains Aftermarket Sales Support manager Dustin Croft. That means different test strips are required to produce accurate readings for each coolant.

It is important to remember each coolant manufacturer uses a slightly different formula, and the mixing of multiple brand products can result in misleading test-strip readings regardless of which strip is used. For instance, John Deere has tested their Cool-Gard™ II for compatibility, and test-strip results have been verified. Adding other products to the mix can interfere with the accuracy of test-strip results and could leave your engines unprotected.

*Remember, all test strips have an expiration date. To ensure accurate readings, rotate your inventory regularly and purchase only the test strips you think will be used within a few months.