June 12, 2015

Unleash the Big Dog

Designed to dominate

The all-new Deere-designed and –built 1050K Dozer is a production-class powerhouse – and it's thanks to input from customers like you. We listened and responded with additional weight and power for more productivity. We added an EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU State IV diesel engine for work in nonattainment areas; and a new Eco mode that regulates engine rpm to burn up to 25-percent-less fuel. Plus, the unsurpassed visibility, operating ease, responsiveness, and reliability you've come to expect from our machines. When you compare it to other crawlers in its class, the 1050K is your top contender.

It's Time to Push Back

Packed with more power and weight than its predecessor, the 1050K is a fierce competitor when it comes to mining, roadwork, quarrying, and other large-scale applications. Its dual-path hydrostatic transmission prevents material loss while powering through full-load turns. And the powertrain system delivers infinite speed control, power management, on-the-go counter rotation, and many other productivity-enhancing features. Even over rough and hilly terrain, you can easily set the maximum desired ground speed – and then enjoy the benefits of a machine that’s designed to dominate.

Get Pitch Perfect

Changing your blade pitch multiple times on a single pass? Opt for the hydraulic power-pitch feature – operators can control the blade from the cab, saving considerable adjustment time. And using the programmable return-to-pitch settings, efficiency is enhanced even further, with preset positions activated at the touch of a button.

The One-Two Punch

Packed with rugged components that stand up to the most demanding jobsites, this dozer is ready to work as hard as you do. And should you manage to outwork it, your local dealer supports you around the clock with a robust service and parts program dedicated exclusively to the production-class market.

Control and Dependability, at Your Fingertips

The simplified Sealed Switch-Module (SSM) commonly found on many other John Deere machines is also put to action in the 1050K. Limiting the amount of wiring and mechanical switches with moving parts, the intelligently designed SSM provides increased machine control – and has been proven reliable for more than two million cycles.

More than Brawn

Take advantage of the 1050Ks standard fuel-saving features – auto idle and auto shutdown. Enabled via the SSM, auto idle lowers engine speed when the machine is stationary and no functions are activated, and an adjustable timer can be set through the monitor. While there, you can also limit the amount of inactivity allowed before auto shutdown is activated. Brains like these both lower your fuel costs and save valuable machine-warranty hours.