December 08, 2015

Get Connected: Worksite Pro™ Beef Attachments

From cow-calf operations to feedlots, the care and feeding of beef cattle is highly labor intensive. Increasing numbers of beef farmers and ranchers depend on Worksite Pro™ attachments to get it all done, whether it's loading feed bunks, scraping manure, or moving hay bales. Hook one up to your John Deere skid steer, compact track loader, or 244J Loader, and it will handle virtually any job.

Installing fence posts? Planetary-Drive Augers deliver revers rotation for quick back-outs, plus a variety of auger-bit styles and diameters.

For hauling hay bales, durable Square/Round Bale Spears are retained with bolts, making them easier to replace, while eliminating weld fractures.

If you're clearing brush or moving other materials, Ag Forks/Utility Grapples feature tines that easily penetrate pen-packed material for quick clean-out. Its 4.5- or 1.5-inch tine spacing and one-piece top clamp firmly grip hay and manure.

Rock Buckets are ideal for sifting and sorting material, clearing stones, and removing debris. Heavy-Duty pallet Forks address a wide variety of other material-handling tasks, such as moving pallets of fertilizer or seed.

If you're loading feed bunks, we've got you covered with a variety of buckets. For tending livestock stall, Side-Discharge Buckets spread sand, sawdust, or straw.

Material/Manure Scrapers help you remove manure, mud, light snow, or other wet and sloppy materials. Rubber edges are ideal for cleanup on hard surfaces.

If you need to work the soil, our rugged Rotary Tillers till to a depth of six inches. Bi-directional operation increases productivity.

The self-cleaning Quik-Tatch™ coupler accommodates John Deere Worksite Pro and numerous other brands' attachments. With optional electric-actuated version, swapping attachments from the seat is push-button easy.