April 10, 2015

Fiber-Optic/Underground Electrical Attachments

Many Worksite Pro™ attachments are perfect for installing fiber-optic cable or performing underground electrical work. Our ever-expanding lineup includes more than 100 models, so there are plenty of tools available to accomplish almost any task.

Trenchers come in 914-, 1220-, and 1524-mm (36, 48, and 60 in.) digging depths, with low- and high-flow versions that provide the power and strength to dig—even in the toughest conditions.

Trencher design allows easy entrance and exit from the skid steer or compact track loader (CTL). The spring-loaded boom reduces shocks to the hydraulic motor, machine, and operator.

Each trencher features a built-in skid shoe and indicators to assist in maintaining digging control. Manual side shift allows trenching close to structures. Standard heavy-duty crumber removes loose soil from the bottom of the trench for increased productivity.

Optional chain-width and tooth configurations are available.

Four backhoe models connect quickly without tools and offer simple two-lever operation. Digging depths range from 2134-3353 mm (7-11 ft.). One-hundred-eighty-deg. Swing allows maximum efficiency in confined areas.

For extreme digging conditions, heavy-duty buckets with tapered sides provide greater dump-and-fill performance. Large teeth and tooth shanks add durability.

With their compact size and high power-to-weight ratio, hydraulic breakers handle tasks other attachments can't. Instead of a high-pressure accumulator, breakers employ hydraulics and a gas-assist cycle to develop force, for more efficient operation and high power-to-weight ratios. Low-pressure, nitrogen-charged design cushions operator and machine from recoil.

And when it's time to clean up, a variety of angle/pickup brooms gets the job done.

Worksite Pro attachments are optimized to work with John Deere skid steers, CTLs, compact excavators, and compact loaders. Plus, they're compatible with most competitive models.