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WorkSight Technology Solutions Infographic


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What It Is

  • A suite of easy-to-use technology solutions that will optimize machines, uptime and jobsites.
  • Designed for managing any-size operation from a single machine to large fleets with multiple brands, across multiple jobsites.
  • Makes owning John Deere equipment simpler and more profitable than ever before.

How It Works

  • JDLink™ Ultimate Telematics:
    • Anytime remote access to fleet location and utilization, machine alerts, maintenance reminders, and more. Standard with three years of service on most new John Deere machines, five years on production-class models.
  • Machine-Health Prognostics:
    • Analyze your machine's JDLink data and fluid samples to recommend maintenance to address issues before they turn into costly repairs and downtime.
  • Remote-Diagnostics and –Programming Capability:
    • With an active JDLink Ultimate subscription, your dealer can read and reset diagnostic trouble codes, record performance readings, and update software without a trip to the jobsite.
  • Payload Weighing:
    • Makes loading and moving material more efficient and accurate on select John Deere wheel loaders and ADTs. Payload and production data can be viewed remotely in JDLink Ultimate.
  • Integrated Grade Control:
    • Helps dozer, excavator, and motor grader operators work faster and more accurately. Grade control utilization can be viewed remotely in JDLink Ultimate.

Why You Need It

  • More:
    • Uptime and profitability
    • Dealer support
    • Payload accuracy
    • Operator efficiency
    • Machine security
  • Less:
    • Downtime
    • Fuel consumption
    • Maintenance costs
    • Unnecessary wear and tear
    • Unexpected repairs