Wheel Loader Tire Tips

Wheel Loader Tire Tips Infographic

9 Tire Tips to Increase Wheel Loader Production and Decrease Costs

  • Maintain proper tire pressure to maximize total work cycles.
  • Match tire pressures to the application, whether sand, gravel, rock or topsoil. Proper inflation increases traction and tire life. Refer to tire manufacturer load/pressure tables or contact your equipment dealer for proper pressures by application.
  • Disengage differential locks when additional traction isn't needed.
  • Avoid tire spinning and obstacles.
  • Limit wet conditions that can make it easier for objects to cut or puncture tires.
  • Slow Down. Slower speeds allow more time to see and avoid obstacles.
  • Inspect tires daily before operation.
  • Minimize transport distances and sharp turns.
  • Manage tires remotely with telematics systems such as JDLink™.