The new John Deere L-Series Wheel Loaders are available with High-Lift Plus for up to 13 more inches of lift height over our High-Lift option. Get control like never before with exclusive features such as programmable multifunction buttons, controls for up to a 6th hydraulic function, and bucket vibrate for precise material dumping. And the cab has ample legroom, automatic temperature control, and an available heated, ventilated seat.

These new models mark the 50th anniversary of our first-ever wheel loader. With an already strong history of versatility, reliability, and productivity, the new L-Series loaders will make you elevate your expectations in every way.

New Mid-Size Models

125-275 HP Wheel Loaders

524L Wheel Loader

Net Power: 152 hp
Operating Weight: 28,931–31,097 lb.
Bucket Capacity: 2.5–4.0 cu. yd.

544L Wheel Loader

Net Power: 166 hp
Operating Weight: 30,520–32,827 lb.
Bucket Capacity: 2.5–4.5 cu. yd.

624L Wheel Loader

Net Power: 192 hp
Operating Weight: 34,715–37,174 lb.
Bucket Capacity: 3.0–5.25 cu. yd.

Features & Benefits