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National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds

As a member of the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (arvc), you are eligible for a free Platinum 1 membership. We want make sure you get the most out of your John Deere equipment, your John Deere dealer, and your arvc membership. If you’re already a GreenFleet member, we’ll simply add the 2 credits to your existing membership. Be sure to check out the rest of the program because Platinum benefits give you so much more than just equipment discounts.

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Why Join arvc?

arvc, the leader in outdoor hospitality, is the only national association exclusively representing the interests of private RV parks and campgrounds in the U.S. For over 50 years, arvc has paved the way for industry education and advocacy, providing our members with the resources they need to improve their operations and working to strengthen the outdoor hospitality industry as a whole. Membership in arvc is available to any park or campground owner, operator, individual or organization that has an interest in the outdoor hospitality industry.

How do I apply?

You’re only a couple clicks away from receiving your Platinum 1 membership. Follow the process below for arvc registration, then we’ll setup your GreenFleet account.

Only Business Entities are eligible. Customer must register, purchase, and finance equipment as a Business. Personal and Residential purchases are not eligible.

For a Business Membership, provide your company information, site information, and payment method – and you’ll be joining an outdoor hospitality association that will help you grow and succeed.

Join arvc

arvc memberships are setup within a couple business days. When complete, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your arvc membership number, and then we'll automatically set up your GreenFleet account within 30 days. If you are looking to purchase sooner, simply bring your arvc membership information to your local John Deere dealer.

You are entitled to GreenFleet benefits as long as your arvc membership is active and in good standing. Your arvc membership must be renewed yearly - which will automatically extend your GreenFleet benefits. If your arvc membership expires, your GreenFleet benefits will also expire.

Platinum Benefits

Platinum members receive the best of GreenFleet. Enjoy a monthly GreenFleet email that contains valuable coupons, in addition to a monthly Exclusive Offer. Exclusive offers are unique to Platinum members, and past offers have been incredible: free extended warranties, free Parts OnSite cabinets, and free Gator Winch Kits – to name a few. Become a Platinum member by one of two ways: 1.) Purchase 2 or more units within 12 months OR 2.) Be member of an approved affiliation, association, event, or invitation. Then, you can unlock the best of GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards for two full years and enjoy these benefits:

  • 2 year membership
  • Valuable Equipment Discounts
  • Monthly GreenFleet emails
  • 12 exclusive offers per year via email
  • 10% Off Workshop Products
  • 10% Off
  • Special Low Rate Financing
  • Free Homestead Magazine Subscription
  • Buy Equipment Online