323E Compact Track Loader with Grapple attachment moving large tree branches


Brush-Tined Grapples

ModelWidthNumber of TinesOperating Weight

GT72 Brush-Tined Grapples

1816 mm (71.5 in.)


434 kg (955 lb.)

GT80 Brush-Tined Grapples

2043 mm (80.4 in.)


465 kg (1,023 lb.)

Scrap Grapples

ModelWidthOperating Weight

GS60 Scrap Grapple

1524 mm (60 in.)

325 kg (717 lb.)

GS66 Scrap Grapple

1676 mm (66 in.)

350 kg (770 lb.)

GS72 Scrap Grapple

1829 mm (72 in.)

399 kg (878 lb.)

GS78 Scrap Grapple

1981 mm (78 in.)

414 kg (911 lb.)

GS84 Scrap Grapple

2133 mm (84 in.)

431 kg (948 lb.)

Utility Grapples

ModelWidthStandard Number of TinesOperating Weight

GU60 Utility Grapple

1502 mm (59 in.)


225 kg (496 lb.)

GU66 Utility Grapple

1652 mm (65 in.)


235 kg (517 lb.)

GU72 Utility Grapple

1804 mm (71 in.)


247 kg (543 lb.)

GU78 Utility Grapple

1956 mm (77 in.)


258 kg (568 lb.)

314G Skid Steer with grapple attachment picking up a load of branches and sticks.

About Our Brush-Tined Grapples

Each unit includes two independent-action grapples that allow different-sized objects to be grasped and retained. Grapple opening of 971 mm (38.2 in.) allows large payloads. 100-mm (4 in.) tine spacing works well for sorting or sifting materials.

324J Loader with Scrap Grapples picking up a bundle of scrap metal

About Our Scrap Grapples

Two independent-action hydraulic-powered grapples pick up and grip different-sized objects.  997-mm (39.3 in) grapple opening loads easily, letting you handle large payloads. Pre-drilled lip makes it easy to add an optional bolt-on replaceable cutting edge for longer life.

318E Skid Steer with grapples hauling a bale of straw.

About Our Utility Grapples

One-piece grapples provide a firm grasp for efficient hay and manure handling. Greaseable pivot points, hardened pins, and cylinder rods provide long-term strength and durability while grapple opening accommodates large payloads.

Close up of the quik-tatch system for hooking an attachment to a machine


With our universal, self-cleaning Quik-Tatch easy-attachment system, you can switch from one type of attachment to another in no time flat.

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