Snow blower attachment for 333G compact track loader blowing snow off a sidewalk

Snow Attachments

Snow Blowers

ModelFlow TypeCutting WidthApproximate Weight

SB60B Snow Blower


1525 mm (60 in.)

360 kg (795 lb.)

SB72B Snow Blower


1830 mm (72 in.)

380 kg (845 lb.)

SB78B Snow Blower


1980 mm (78 in.)

400 kg (878 lb.)

SB84B Snow Blower


2135 mm (84 in.)

410 kg (895 lb.)

SB72D Snow Blower


1980 mm (78 in.)

520 kg (1,150 lb.)

SB78D Snow Blower


1980 mm (78 in.)

540 kg (1,195 lb.)

SB84D Snow Blower


2135 mm (84 in.)

560 kg (1,230 lb.)

SB84H Snow Blower


2120 mm (84 in.)

610 kg (1,340 lb.)

Snow Pushers

ModelPath WidthOverall WidthWeight

SP8C Snow Pusher

2438 mm (96 in.)

2591 mm (102 in.)

270 kg (595 lb.)

SP10C Snow Pusher

3048 mm (120 in.)

3200 mm (126 in.)

311 kg (685 lb.)

Snow/Utility Blades

ModelWeightAngled WidthWidth

BL6B Snow/Utility Blade

432 kg (954 lb.)

1575 mm (62 in.)

1829 mm (72 in.)

BL7B Snow/Utility Blade

461 kg (1016 lb.)

1829 mm (72 in.)

2134 mm (84 in.)

BL8B Snow/Utility Blade

489 kg (1078 lb.)

2108 mm (83 in.)

2438 mm (96 in.)

BL9B Snow/Utility Blade

512 kg (1128 lb.)

2362 mm (93 in.)

2743 mm (108 in.)

BL10B Snow/Utility Blade

540 kg (1190 lb.)

2591 mm (102 in.)

3048 mm (120 in.)

Snow/Utility V-Blades

ModelWeightWidth (Straight)Width (V-Configuration)

BV6 Snow/Utility V-Blade

441 kg (972 lb.)

1880 mm (74 in.)

1638 mm (64.5 in.)

BV8 Snow/Utility V-Blade

480 kg (1,058 lb.)

2489 mm (98 in.)

2172 mm (85.5 in.)

BV9 Snow/Utility V-Blade

500 kg (1,102 lb.)

2794 mm (110 in.)

2438 mm (96 in.)

326E Skid Steer with Snow Blower attachment blowing snow off a road

About Our Snow Blowers

Equip your skid steer or compact track loader with any of these snow blowers and snow won’t keep you from getting the job done. Two-stage hydraulic blowers throw snow up to 45 feet. Simplified direct-drive hydraulic motor design eliminates chains and sprockets. Case drain hose is not required on high-flow models.

332G Model image with Snow Pusher attachment on a white background

About Our Snow Pushers

Quickly and efficiently remove large accumulations of snow from sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways. Reversible and replaceable rubber cutting edges. Optional pullback edge is ideal for opening up confined areas and work around vehicles, buildings, fences, or other obstructions.

324K Compact Loader with snow blade pushing snow off a road.

About Our Snow/Utility Blades

Snow/utility blades provide additional productivity in snow removal and light dirt work. Blade angles hydraulically 30 degrees, right or left. Adjustable skid shoes are standard. Blade oscillates 5 degrees, right or left. Four trip springs help protect the vehicle from sudden impacts with obstacles when blading snow. Trip springs can be locked out for light grading and dirt work.

332E Skid Steer with Snow V-Blade attachment.

About Our Snow/Utility V-Blades

Snow/utility V-blades provide productivity in snow removal and light dirt work. Blades angle hydraulically to four positions: straight for larger cuts, V-configuration for pushing through hard pack, scoop (both sides inward) for easy snow stacking, and 30 deg. right or left. Adjustable skid shoes for vertical blade productivity are standard. Steel cutting edge is standard. Available rubber cutting edge helps prevent damage to decorative surfaces.

Close up of the quik-tatch system for hooking an attachment to a machine


With our universal, self-cleaning Quik-Tatch easy-attachment system, you can switch from one type of attachment to another in no time flat.

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