Bale Hugger

Ag Attachments

Ag Forks

ModelNumber of TinesWeightWidth

AF60 Ag Fork


370 lb. (168 kg)

59 in. (1500 mm)

AF66 Ag Fork


395 lb. (179 kg)

65 in. (1652 mm)

AF72 Ag Fork


435 lb. (197 kg)

71 in. (1804 mm)

AF78 Ag Fork


445 lb. (202 kg)

77 in. (1956 mm)

Bale Hugger


AH80 Bale Hugger

279.40 cm (110 in.)

1088.62 kg (2,400 lb.)

217.72 kg (480 lb.)

Bale Spears


AB21 Bale Spears

66 kg (145 lb.)

1 main tine

907 kg (2,000 lb.)

AB31 Bale Spears

91 kg (200 lb.)

1 main tine

1361 kg (3,000 lb.)

AB32 Bale Spears

70 kg (155 lb.)

2 main tines

1361 kg (3,000 lb.)

AB42 Bale Spears

109 kg (240 lb.)

2 main tines

1814 kg (4,000 lb.)

AB43 Bale Spears

102 kg (225 lb.)

3 main tines

1814 kg (4,000 lb.)


171 kg (375 lb.)



Nursery Forks

ModelWidthMaximum Root BallFork Opening (Parallel)

NF44 Nursery Fork

1194 mm (47 in.)

1118 mm (44 in.)

457 mm (18 in.)

Silage Defacers


AD7 Silage Defacer

2460.6 mm (96.9 in.)

2.13 m (7 ft.)

60.6-94.6 L/min. (16-25 gpm)

413 kg (910 lb.)

AD11 Silage Defacer

2460.6 mm (96.9 in.)

3.35 m (11 ft.)

60.6-94.6 L/min. (16-25 gpm)

470 kg (1,037 lb.)

Side Discharge Buckets


SA60 Side Discharge Bucket


0.50 cu. yd.

805 lb. (365 kg)

60 in. (1524 mm)

SA72 Side Discharge Bucket


0.67 cu. yd.

915 lb. (415 kg)

72 in. (1829 mm)

SD72 Side Discharge Bucket

Dust / Mulch

1.33 cu. yd.

1120 lb. (508 kg)

72 in. (1829 mm)

SD84 Side Discharge Bucket

Dust / Mulch

1.67 cu. yd.

1300 lb. (590 kg)

84 in. (2134 mm)



MS60 Scraper

458 lb. (208 kg)

60 in. (1524 mm)

MS72 Scraper

516 lb. (234 kg)

72 in. (1829 mm)

MS84 Scraper

589 lb. (267 kg)

84 in. (2134 mm)

MS96 Scraper

656 lb. (298 kg)

96 in. (2438 mm)

Rollout Buckets

ModelWidthWeightHeaped Capacity

RB72 Rollout Bucket

1850 mm (73 in.)

532 kg (1,170 lb.)

0.91 m3 (1.19 cu. yd.)

RB84 Rollout Bucket

2150 mm (84.75 in.)

580 kg (1,275 lb.)

1.10 m3 (1.44 cu.yd.)

RB96 Rollout Bucket

2480 mm (97.5 in.)

618 kg (1,360 lb.)

1.28 m3 (1.68 cu. yd.)

Utility Grapples

ModelWidthStandard Number of TinesOperating Weight

GU60 Utility Grapple

1502 mm (59 in.)


225 kg (496 lb.)

GU66 Utility Grapple

1652 mm (65 in.)


235 kg (517 lb.)

GU72 Utility Grapple

1804 mm (71 in.)


247 kg (543 lb.)

GU78 Utility Grapple

1956 mm (77 in.)


258 kg (568 lb.)

329E Compact Track Loader with nursery fork attachment relocating a pine tree.

About Our Ag & Nursery Forks

Ag fork tines easily penetrate pen-packed material for quick clean-out. Nursery forks easily transport balled and burlapped trees and container stock.

About Our Bale Huggers

Designed specifically for round or rectangular bales, the right- and left-hand arms close simultaneously, applying constant pressure to eliminate the risk of dropped or damaged bales.

314G Skid Steer with bale spear attachment hauling a round bale to a feeder ring.

About Our Bale Spears

Offering optimal rigidity and capacity, these spears are built for a long working life. Their low-profile design provides unrestricted visibility to the bale spear and tine tips.

About Our Silage defacers

Remove haylage and silage from feed bunkers with a unique blade design to leave a smooth, compacted bunker.

318E Skid Steer with side discharge bucket, discharging feed along livestock pens

About Our Side Discharge Buckets

Side-discharge buckets are ideal for close-quarters material distribution.

320D Skid Steer with material scraper working in a livestock confinement

About Our Scrapers

Push or scrape manure, mud, light snow, or other wet and sloppy materials. Rubber cutting edges are ideal for work on hard surfaces. Standard pull-back edge works well for cleaning out corners.

Rollout bucket in action

About Our Rollout Buckets

Available in a range of three sizes, rollout buckets are ideal for achieving elevated dump heights in lightweight, high-capacity applications.

318E Skid Steer with grapples hauling a bale of straw.

About Our Utility Grapples

One-piece grapples provide a firm grasp for efficient hay and manure handling. Greaseable pivot points, hardened pins, and cylinder rods provide long-term strength and durability while grapple opening accommodates large payloads.

Close up of the quik-tatch system for hooking an attachment to a machine


With our universal, self-cleaning Quik-Tatch easy-attachment system, you can switch from one type of attachment to another in no time flat.

How to Buy

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