John Deere 6R (6cyl), 7R and 8R Fuel Guarantee Programme

The John Deere 6R (6cyl), 7R and 8R Fuel Guarantee Programme
Put us to the ultimate test.

John Deere 6R (6cyl), 7R and 8R Fuel Guarantee Programme

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Others promise.
John Deere guarantees.

Fuel represents up to 50% of your cost of ownership – so we are committed to lowering your consumption across our range of tractors & equipment. So why not put us to the ultimate test by joining the John Deere 6R (6cyl), 7R and 8R Fuel Guarantee Programme?

At the end of the first year, if your average fuel consumption in transport application* exceeds our target fuel consumption level, we’ll refund the difference**.

But that’s not all. Read on to discover the other advantages of the Fuel Guarantee Programme or contact your dealer for further details.

Fuel Economy:
Only one can take the lead!

John Deere 7310R tractor delivers lower total fluid consumption during transport than the competition 1 2 3. No need to take our word for it: that’s the finding of independent DLG tests. Your corresponding savings can reach up to €3,400 over a 500 hour Transport application.

On the John Deere Fuel Guarantee Programme, that’s not just a promise. It’s guaranteed.

JDLink puts you in command.

Thanks to JDLink telematics, you will have easy access to details on machine performance – fuel consumption, engine load utilisation, idle time and more. So you’ll identify the opportunities for improving efficiency, together with your John Deere dealer if necessary.

And after that, if you find that your actual average fuel consumption in transport*** over the first year of use is still exceeding our target fuel consumption level, we will refund the difference. This, according to a defined formula: (average consumption*** – fuel consumption target) x hours*** x €/l diesel (defined on a country level).

Take your driving to the next level.

We know you are already an expert driver – but would you like to take your skills to the next level? As part of 6R (6cyl), 7R and 8R Fuel Guarantee Programme your local dealer will offer you tips that will take you to the next level in fuel-saving techniques.

Double benefit – Double benefit

In order to reward the most efficient drivers, you will be reimbursed twice the price per litre saved if your average fuel consumption in transport is below our target! Double benefit for you: fuel savings and double money back!

The most fuel-efficient tractors and the best drivers – a winning combination!

Reducing Emissions: The John Deere Way

John Deere takes its responsibility to the environment very seriously. We have been working on lowering engine emissions years before government standards were set, using new technologies that satisfy emission regulations without sacrificing performance. We take an integrated approach to cleaner air while improving fuel economy and engine performance with a combination of catalysed exhaust filters, cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

Combined with the lower fuel consumption of 6R (6cyl), 7R and 8R series tractors, the Fuel Guarantee programme is aiming to make a significant contribution to reducing emissions – which is good news for the environment, as well as saving you money.

Other fuel economy promises are running on empty.
With John Deere, the benefits are guaranteed.

This Programme will be offered from September 1st, 2017 through October 31st, 2018. Any new, never retail sold 6R (6cyl), 7R and 8R series tractors purchased or leased (for countries where leasing offers are available) between these dates is eligible to be enrolled in the programme.

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