Seeding Equipment

When it comes to seeding, you've got one chance to get it right. And to make the most of that one chance, only the best will do. Today's expensive lineup of John Deere seeding equipment is just that - the best.

Technology ... reliability ... productivity ... when your seeding window opens, these are the characteristics you want in your seeding equipment. Advanced technology combined with the best brain-power in the industry, was put to use to develop tools that are more reliable, more timely, and above all, more productive than any other tools on the market today.

If you are looking to get the most from your seed and fertilizer investing ... John Deere is the place to start. John Deere is all about Seeding Smart!

Box Drills

1590 no till drill

1590 No-till Drill

The 1590 No-till Drill provides up to 425 pounds of down pressure and 7-degree angle, the 1590’s openers can cut through the toughest residue or thickest soils. Residue flows smoothly and easily, thanks to plenty of clearance between the blade, seed tube, and arm, while the unique seed boot design improves accuracy and durability.

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b11 series end wheel grain drills

BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills

A BD11 Drill is truly at home in well-prepared fields. However, where conditions are a bit more rough, a BD11 Drill provides as much as 124 pounds of downpressure per opener to slice through tough soils and moderate residue. The result is more accurate, consistent seeding depth.

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No Till Air Drill

1895 no till air drill

1895 SFP Air Drill

The 1895 Separate Fertilizer Placement (SFP) Air Drill. This tool puts down seed and starter fertilizer in one furrow and higher rates of another fertilizer in a separate furrow, saving you the cost of a separate fertilizer pass.