A tracked John Deere tractor moves through an already harvested field

Core Values


For those who cultivate and harvest the land. For those who transform and enrich the land. For those who build upon the land.

John Deere is committed to your success.

This commitment extends globally with a focus on six key areas – the United States and Canada, Europe, Brazil, Russia, India, and China. It's in these areas where at least 75% of the world's future growth will occur. And because of our past, our passion, and our purpose for helping you become more profitable and productive, John Deere is uniquely positioned to be the equipment supplier of choice.


An 844K-II Wheel Loader unloads rock and soil at the jobsite

Our Businesses

The John Deere portfolio of businesses is varied, yet interrelated. Two of our businesses – Agricultural and Construction equipment – are in an excellent position to take advantage of global growth.

Two additional businesses – Turf and Forestry equipment – support and enhance worldwide channel development. And additional supporting businesses – Financial Services, Power Systems, Parts Services, and the Intelligent Solutions Group – strengthen and differentiate our equipment businesses.

In the background is a blurred John Deere employee that holds an electronic motherboard, which is in focus

Our Goals

By being the agricultural, turf, forestry, and construction equipment partner of choice throughout the world, we can reach our goals of sustainable SVA (Shareholder Added Value). Check on abbreviation.

By relentlessly improving our products and our business efficiencies, we'll achieve exceptional operating performance.

And, by linking employee, unit, and divisional goals to John Deere's overall business objectives, we'll be able to harvest the power of aligned high-performance teamwork.

Learn more about our strategy on our investor page.

Founded in 1837 by John Deere, a blacksmith and inventor, Deere & Company has grown into one of the world's most admired businesses. This was no accident. John Deere was determined to build his business based on integrity, quality, commitment and innovation. Those values live on and thrive today. They determine the way we work, the quality we offer, and the unsurpassed treatment you get as a customer, investor or employee.

A group of John Deere employees wearing protective eye wear review a clipboard

How We Work

We work every day to uphold our founder's core values. Integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation are not ideals we work towards. We live them. We breathe them. These values are the true essence of how we work and are in every product, service, and opportunity we offer you.

In addition, John Deere understands the value of a diverse workforce, dealer organization, and supplier base. We are truly dedicated to an inclusive environment where diversity is understood and welcomed. It's a commitment we see shared with and within all stakeholders at John Deere: from employees to dealers to suppliers.

A man wearing a hat stands along side his John Deere utility tractor

Where We Work

Worldwide. Wherever people work on or with the land, that's where you'll find a John Deere presence.

Two men shake hands in front of a computer desk

What You Can Expect

You can expect John Deere to have the highest ethics, rigorous regulatory compliance, and the deepest desire to develop and promote fairness in public policies and practices.

And if you have a relationship with John Deere – as a customer, employee, dealer, or supplier – you can expect Deere to offer an inclusive environment. One that would welcome diversity.

A feller buncher works on-site to bring down a tree

What We Offer

Our founder was best known for his work with the first commercially successful plow. And so it is today that we're perhaps best known for our quality agricultural and turf equipment. We're the world’s leading manufacturer of farm equipment, as a matter of fact. We also take the lead worldwide in building forestry equipment. We're a major force in construction equipment. And John Deere Financial is one of the largest equipment finance companies. Not bad for a start-up company housed in a blacksmith shop.