S-Series Combine Photo of Combine moving through crops

S-Series Combines

No matter the harvest conditions or the operator, the S700 Series Combines automatically give you consistent grain quality. They match the best harvesting capabilities with smart technology to ensure that you have the best harvest possible - every year.

T Series Combine Moving through crops

T-Series Combines

T-Series Combines offer smooth, direct crop flow and the largest active separation of any small-grain, walker combine on the market. It’s a Class 7 combine that pairs conventional threshing technology with the Tangential Tine Separator. From the threshing system back, the T670 uses straw walkers to gently separate grain from the crop mat.

Belt Platform moving through field

615P Belt Pickup Platforms

Offer high levels of smooth crop-gathering and feeding performance in windrowed grain.

Inside view of cab controls in combine

Integrated technology for your combine

On an S700 Series Combine, the technology isn't just on-board, it's fully integrated. From the 4600 CommandCenter™ Display and Extended Monitor to JDLink Connect, your combine seamlessly connects the machine and agronomic information you collect during harvest and after to the John Deere Operations Center, where you can view your yield data to make better informed decisions.

C120 Grain Combine Harvester

C120 Grain Combine Harvester

  • The feeding rate has been increased to 9 kg per second, equipped with a newly upgraded threshing and separating device, which is superior to the same level
  • The newly optimized grid intaglio works perfectly with the new drum to ensure that the grains are separated from the material flow quickly and efficiently
  • Equipped with John Deere 165 horsepower 4045 turbocharged with high pressure common rail electronic control engine, high reliability and good fuel economy
  • Increase the volume of the fuel tank up to 300 liters, the 4.2 cubic meter super large grain tank, and the unloading speed of 36 liters per second
C230 Combine Harvester

C230 Grain Combine Harvester

  • Adopting CTS technology—cut-through threshing drum and dual-axial flow plate-tooth separation drum structure
  • Reliable John Deere 6.8L turbocharged engine with up to 201 horsepower
  • Efficient cleaning system
  • Optional John Deere mature hydrostatic drive device, shorten the time of land transfer and reduce driver fatigue
W230 Grain Combine Harvester

W230 Grain Combine Harvester

  • Newly upgraded to a 6-cylinder engine, power up to 185 horsepower
  • Combination of continuously variable speed cut-stream threshing drum and document separator (WTS) to adapt to different crop harvesting
  • The straight-plate volute fan and the cleaning fan equipped with the air deflector are used. The double-layer fish scale screen makes the cleaning area larger and improves the cleaning effect
  • The closed grain unloading drum with hydraulic control can realize walking unloading grain
CP 690 Photo

CP690 Cotton Picker

Improved non-stop round module harvesting with 4.4 mph max row unit sync speed. 13.5L Tier 4 Engine with 590 peak horsepower. Next generation ProDrive™ with anti-slip regulation. New Premium LED lighting package.

CS690 Photo

CS690 Cotton Stripper

Non-stop round module harvesting solution. 13.5L Tier 4 engine with 530 peak horsepower. ProDrive™ transmission with full-time 4WD. 606SH or 608SH available headers

CH570 Photo

CH570 Sugar Cane Harvester

John Deere exclusive floating crop divider and contour basecutter height-control technology reduces soil content and cane loss. Large, premium cab integrates the latest technology with unparalleled comfort.

Mobile Apps

You can't always be in the cab, but you can always have access to the information you need with our mobile apps. You can download these apps in the John Deere App Center (available in the iTunes and Google Play stores).


The number of hours in a day isn't always enough to get everything done. That's why we've made it easy to collect, use and share your data, wherever you are with the MyOperations mobile app.

Connect Mobile

With the Connect Mobile app for harvest, you can manage job quality while it's occurring. It now features dual map view - so you can easily compare two maps side-by-side. This lets you correct issues while you're running in the field, instead of discovering them later, when it will cost you time and money.


Choose the model of your combine and the type of crop and receive suggested initial settings for the task at hand. Also features the ability to save notes and photos for reference in changing conditions.

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