New Sugarcane Harvesters Reduce Environmental Footprint

John Deere is committed to environmental responsibility. From the earliest stages in a product’s development, we practice life cycle engineering to create products and services that both meet customer needs and reduce environmental impact.

Take a look at our CH570 and CH670 Sugarcane Harvesters. These innovative machines feature advanced feeding, cleaning, and hydraulic systems that reduce fuel consumption over our previous model by as much as 20% and over our nearest competitor by up to 36%, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. Along with the fuel efficiency gains, the CH570 and CH670 also tout productivity improvements as high as 30% over our previous model and 40% over our nearest competitor.

The CH570 and CH670 Sugarcane Harvesters are examples of John Deere products that are designed for efficiency and productivity. By truly understanding customer needs and incorporating innovative technology, we’re able to offer machines that are not only more productive and efficient, but that also minimize impact on the environment.