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6J Series

Broaden your horizons

The best tractors are a perfect combination of a powerful and economic engine, an efficient transmission, versatile hydraulics, modern electronic system and an ergonomic operator platform. All these desirable features are found in John Deere tractors and translate into a single word: PROFITABILITY.


The 6110J and 6145J models are versatile.


Designed for many different applications, these tractors can work with different implements in the field that require a horse-power range of 110 and 145 hp.


John Deere PowerTech™ 4045 T 4,5 liter, 4 cylinder Turbocharged Engine for the 6110J
John Deere PowerTech™ 6068 T 6,8 liter, 6 cylinder, Turbocharged Engine for the 6145J

Modular Frame

The unique structural frame is an important technological advantage:

  • Allows for quick and easy mounting of frontal equipment such as front loaders or blades.
  • Rubber mounted engine results in less noise and vibration on the operator platform.
  • Allows use of lighter components on the engine and transmission, reducing the total weight of the tractor and improving its efficiency.

Greenstar Solutions

The new 6J tractors can be equipped with AutoTrac Universal ATU200, which provides greater operational efficiency by reducing overlap during operations. It also decreases costs of fuel and inputs, making operations more profitable. The autopilot assists in guidance, giving the operator time to perform other tasks. The accuracy level is optional and can be chosen according to the need of each application.

Available accuracy levels

   SF1 +/- 30 cm
   SF2 +/- 10 cm
   RTK* +/- 2 cm
*requires a base station for signal correction
Available on 6145J model


The unique hydraulic PermaClutch™ II allows a smooth, effortless drive. It is self-adjustable and built with synthesized, oil-cooled metal disks, resulting in longer life and less maintenance.
It’s one of the great advantages of John Deere tractors.

  • SyncroPlus™ Transmission
    Fully synchronized. The reverser enables easy forward/reverse shifting that can be performed even with the tractor in motion. The reverse gears are 22% faster. The SyncroPlus transmission is suitable for all agricultural operations. Available for 6110J model.
  • PowrQuad™ Transmission
    Allows gear shifting without interrupting the power transmission to the wheels, which means that gears can be changed, and even reversed without using the clutch. PowrQuad transmission is indicated for all applications and is excellent for conditions where constant gear-changing is required.

Download 6J Series Tractor Specification