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1750 ConservationPlanter

Features & Specs

  • Improved pneumatic downforce system
  • Granular fertilizer systems
  • Folding markers
  • Liquid or dry fertilizer systems
Hitch BaseDrawbar
Lift System TypeWheel module
Row Units TypeMaxEmerge Plus


    1750 Conservation

    Whatever your farming practice, there’s a 1750 Drawn Planter to meet your planting needs. For planting into tough corn trash and rough seedbeds, the sturdy 7x7-inch mainframe of the 1750 stands up to the test. The 1750 Drawn Planter has a simple seed transmission that makes rate changes quick and easy. Choose from 50 different planting rates.

    1750 Planters are available in the following row sizes:
    4Row 0,9m
    6Row 0,9m
    8Row 0,9m
    3Row 1,5m
    3Row 2,3m
    5Row 1,5m

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