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It’s all here. Everything you need to apply. The industry’s most comprehensive equipment line. The latest technology, all fully integrated. Secure, open, insightful data management. And unsurpassed dealer support. Find out which equipment fits you best.

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    Intelligence runs in the family

    That’s how we run. Our family of Self-Propelled Sprayers have it all — intuitive controls, smart time- and money-saving solutions and precision application, all fully integrated with the latest John Deere technology to help you conquer more acres in less time.

    Choose from four models to match your needs for capacity, tank size, power and loading. Your John Deere sprayer dealer has the knowledge and dedication to answer your questions. Plus the parts, service and support you expect.

    Follow the link to view the video on Direct Injection

    Direct Injection

    Direct Injection system mixes products at lightning speeds, putting your productivity into hyperdrive. Increase flexibility by changing rates and products on the fly without stopping to mix products. The integrated system injects products directly into the system at the boom. The results: quicker changeovers, increased flexibility and lowered risk of using multiple products.

      See how fast and easy Direct Injection worksSee how fast and easy Direct Injection works
      Follow the link to view the video on the Load Command™ System

      Load Command™ System

      Add Load Command to your R4045 Sprayer and load the 1,200-gallon spray tank as fast as three minutes — up to 80% faster than before. See how one user was able to cover another 800 acres per day with Load Command.

        View Load Command videoView Load Command video
        • Follow the link to view the video on the AgLogic™ System

          AgLogic™ System

          Imagine saving $300,000 to $400,000 each year. See how this central Illinois Ag Service Provider saved that much — and more — using the AgLogic™ automated work order management system. Get the right resources to the right place at the right time.

            See AgLogicSee AgLogic
          • Follow the link to learn more about John Deere Mobile Weather

            John Deere Mobile Weather

            Capture instantaneous, field-specific weather information directly from your sprayer cab. With John Deere Mobile Weather, you can make on-the-go application decisions and improve recordkeeping by documenting weather conditions during application.

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            • Follow the link to learn more about Technozzlegy

              What Is Technozzlegy?

              John Deere is redefining sprayer performance and accuracy. A concept so advanced, we're calling it Technozzlegy, the next generation in a long line of John Deere nozzles, pumps and accessories.

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