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Serial Number Breaks

Current Serial Number Breakdown

Current Serial Number Breakdown
Emissions Level Designation Emissions LevelNumbering Sequence
B Non-Emissions Certified 000001-
1) Tier 1/Stage I 000001-
2) Tier 2/Stage II 000001-
3) Tier 3/Stage III 000001-

1)  Will be followed by "E" then "F" when counter will reach "999999".

2)  Will be followed by "J" then "K" when counter will reach "999999".

3)  Will be followed by "M" then "N and P" when counter will reach "999999".

Previous Serial Number Breakdown

Previous Serial Number Breakdown

PrefixPre-PowerTech Engine
(Serial Number)
PowerTech Engine
(Serial Number)
T0 Less than 699999 700000 and above
CD Less than 499999 500000 and above
001000 and above

Note: When referencing engine models for registration and warranty purposes, all 13 digits should be used.

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