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SL PrecisionCut™


SL PrecisionCut Walk Greens Mowers

Now with Speed Link™ technology, a new roller bracket, and easy-to-adjust Greens Tender Conditioner, rotary brush, and out front push brush options.


Simple operator control
Controls move forward to allow for easy and efficient operation, and an integrated operator presence bail allows the machine to automatically stop and reel disengage when the bail is released. Loop-style handlebar enhances operator comfort.

Narrow front roller-to-rear-drum distance
A narrow front-roller-to-rear-drum base increases performance in undulations, minimizing scalping opportunities and improving cut quality.

Dual traction rolls
The rear drum is powered by an external differential drive. This design provides equal power to both rolls for the straightest possible tracking.

Speed link height of cut system
The Speed Link™ height-of-cut-system changes adjusting height of cut from a task that used to take a wrench, scraped knuckles, and a chunk of time out of your day, into a painless, super-fast operation with a cordless drill. Best of all, this is the same system used on all John Deere Golf reel products, so your technician can use the same tools to adjust your whole fleet.

Everything is easier to adjust
You can switch rollers to adjust to different growing conditions just by removing two bolts. And Greens Tender Conditioners and rotary brushes are easier to make depth adjustments to while still maintaining the industry exclusive counter rotation to the reel for better performance in standing up the grass prior to cutting.

New out front push brush
New out front brush helps stand up the grass prior to cutting, keeping the distance between the rear drum and front roller close while producing a more pronounced stripe. The brush angle can be adjusted for aggressiveness. Softer bristle brushes are available to address changing conditions.

Counter-rotating attachments
For the ultimate in cut quality, you can add a Greens Tender Conditioner (GTC) or rotary brush that rotates counter to the reel to stand grass up prior to cutting, to better control runners and to reduce grain. The GTC also slices stolons to promote new growth.

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