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6135BCab Tractor

Features & Specs

  • John Deere PowerTech 4.5 L Engine,powerful,fuel-efficient, reliable, maintenance friendly
  • Configured with John Deere Gear-box, high-efficiency and easy operation
  • The driver's cab,with a superlative visual field, is spacious and comfortable with good seal performance and low noise.
  • The hydraulic system is stable and reliable, fuel tank capacity was increased to 220 L
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Rated power135 Horsepower
PTO(kW/hp)81.5 (110)
Lifting Capacity30kN
Wheel base2560mm
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    Meet the 6B Series.

    More returns with Less Investment

    Need a tractor that is highly reliable and durable? Then you need to give the 6B Series from John Deere a good look.

    Easy and reliable – with its robust quality and great versatility, this four-wheel drive tractor is customized to meet your special needs. We took into account the main requirements of users when developing the 6B, in order to come as close as possible to meeting expectations and offering you what you need: an uncomplicated machine that can withstand the hardest loads yet is still attractively priced.

    An easy to operate tractor that was born ready to handle your farm activities, choose from 95 to 135 engine horsepower and a wide range of standard features. Add in the low cost of operation, and you have a sensible tractor ready to work hard for you.

    The John Deere 6B Tractors are built to handle a variety of implements, including tillage, plough, harrow, seeding equipment, and specialty applications.

    Giving you more returns with less investment, these high power tractors get your land prepared in double quick time, just by hitching the wide variety of implements which can be used with this work horse.