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Features & Specs

  • High-torque diesel engine
  • Thick 7-gauge steel frame
  • Car-like transmission
  • New disc brakes
Horsepower:16.5 kW (22.1 hp) @3200 rpm
Traction:Standard 2WD, Optional 4WD
2WD Payload capacity:1,594 kg (3,514 lb ** ) (with standard suspension)
4WD Payload capacity:1930 kg (4,255 lb **) (with heavy-duty suspension, wide rear tire, and four-post ROPS)
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    2030A ProGator™


    The easy way to carry off the big jobs

    The ProGator Series comes with plenty of labor-saving and performance extras. Like a five-speed, synchro-mesh transmission for seamless shifting on the go. New hydraulic disk brakes provide excellent stopping power, even with a full load. Hydraulic power lift. Available 4WD. And dual-leaf spring front and rear suspension for a comfortable ride, even through ruts.

    It includes two of the all-time top requests from technicians: Zero lubrication points on the 2WD (three on the 4WD). And fast access to every service point, just by lifting the cargo bed, or popping the front grille. With up to 1930 kgs (4,255 lbs.***) payload capacity, no wonder you won’t find a heavy-duty utility vehicle with its combination of backbone and effortless operation, anywhere but your John Deere Golf distributor.





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    *Engine hp is provided by the manufacturer for comparison purposes only. Actual operating hp will be less.
    **Includes 200-lb operator, 200-lb passenger, and loaded attachment), lb (kg)
    ***2WD with heavy duty front and rear suspension, wide rear tire kit, and 4-post ROPS

    Equipment models, features, options, attachments and prices may vary in different locations. Please contact your local John Deere dealer for details. John Deere has the sole discretion to review and adjust the specifications, model features and prices of John Deere parts. Before operating the vehicle, you are required to carefully read and strictly follow the safety instructions provided in any product/operator/service manual for the vehicle.

    Actual vehicle top speed may vary based on belt wear, tire selection, vehicle weight, fuel condition, terrain and other environmental factors. The engine horsepower and torque information are provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. Variation may exist between the actual operation data and defaulted data for the horsepower and torque. Please refer to the original engine manufacturer’s website for detailed information. Optional accessories and attachments are not included in the standard warranty claim for reimbursement. The product (including its components) and accessories may not be available in all regions.