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Engine Gaskets

John Deere engine gaskets
Genuine John Deere Gaskets are designed to exceed customers' stringent demands of minimizing downtime and ensuring quality and reliability. All John Deere components are manufactured and tested to the latest OEM specifications in order to restore the original quality and performance of your machine.

Gaskets are often overlooked; however, they serve a vital role in any engine. Simply put, the role of a gasket is to keep internal air, oil, and fuel inside the engine and external contaminants outside the engine.

Only Genuine John Deere gaskets provide the quality and reliability required to achieve or exceed original designed engine performance.

Genuine John Deere gaskets offer unique design characteristics:

  • Head Gasket
    • Five-layer design
      • Solid steel core
      • Perforated steel laminate
      • Graphite facing
  • Oil Pan Gasket
    • Edge molded seal
      • Superior sealing performance
    • One-piece gasket for a continuous seal
  • Oil Pressure Regulator Gasket
      Enhanced raised rubber seal
      Superior sealing performance