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RoadGard™ Battery

RoadGard™ batteries use a calcium-calcium formula to fight off the harmful effects of extreme under-the-hood temperatures. They provide longer battery life, faster starts, and help resist corrosion. Ideal for use in all makes of pickups, cars, light-duty trucks, SUVs, and vans.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior resistance to heat – Stronger grid alloys withstand increased heat of high under-the-hood temperatures
  • RoadGard Batteries from John Deere
  • Calcium-calcium chemistry – Reduces the "self-discharge" reaction in extremely hot conditions, reduces corrosion, and extends battery life
  • Super radial grids – Computer-designed grids enhance start-ups by providing more cold cranking amps during the critical first five seconds of starting
  • Low maintenance – No need to add water during normal service life; removable vent pods allow access if needed

RoadGard™ batteries fit all makes of vehicles.

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