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Five Tips for Healthier Crops

High-Flow High-Flow for fertilizer
  • Wide 140-degree fan pattern maximizes uniformity and consistency on wide or narrow spacing
  • Delivers extremely coarse spray for pre-plant liquid applications
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Ultra Low-Drift Ultra Low-Drift for herbicide
  • Patented venturi technology to greatly reduce drift
  • Its air-filled droplets and unique thick pattern deliver a more effective drift-reduced spray
View Ultra Low-Drift PDF
Twin-Air Twin-Air for insecticides and fungicides
  • Ideal for high-coverage applications where on-target spray delivery is critical
  • Combines uniform coverage and reduces drift in one easy-to-install design
  • Perfect for low crops with complex canopies such as vegetables
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Guardian Guardian for insecticides and fungicides
  • Delivers effective medium and coarse sprays at more rates and pressures
  • Its 20-degree-inclined spray enhances applicator ability to aim and deliver spray coverage
View Guardian PDF
Low-Drift Air Low-Drift Air for insecticides and fungicides
  • Delivers exceptional target coverage
  • Consistent droplets over a range of pressure settings, reducing drift risks
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