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Software Updates

GreenStar 2 and 3 System Updates (2630, 2100/2600, 1800)

The GreenStar Live Update is a desktop software application that will help you make sure your GreenStar (GS) display always has the latest software from John Deere ISG. To install GS Live Update, click on the link below, and follow the on-screen prompts. Once installed, it will alert you when new GreenStar software updates are available, and walk you through the downloading process.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Save a copy of the files from your flash card to your PC, and make sure all files are downloaded to your desktop software.
  2. Run the GS Live Update to copy the update to the flash card / USB device.
  3. Insert the DataCard / USB device into the display and follow the instructions on the screen.


Release Notes

Resolved Items

Release Date: 03/2018

  • GreenStar 3 System 2630 Update: 3.36.1073
  • GreenStar 2 System 2100/2600 Update: 2.8.1033
  • GreenStar 2 System 1800 Update: 2.15.1096

Important Notes:

To ensure that your GS display will update successfully, please verify that your display currently has the following software version installed:
  • GS3 2630 – version 3.33.1455 or newer
  • GS2 2600 / 2100 – version 2.8.1033 or newer
  • GS2 1800 – version 2.14.1036 or newer
If the software version is a smaller number, please contact your dealer. To determine the currently installed software version, select Menu » Display » Diagnostics » About and reference the Application Software Build number.

Before starting the update, please unplug ALL implements from the ISOBUS- (or implement-) connector at the back of the tractor.
The only implements currently updated via GS LiveUpdate are:
  • GS2 Rate Controller
  • SeedStar II
  • Air Cart
  • John Deere Active Implement Guidance
  • John Deere Implement Detection
If you need to update one of the above listed implements/controllers, leave it connected to the ISOBUS socket.

N-Sensing activation procedure:
For a N-Sensing activation please contact your local John Deere dealer.

Software Updates Archive

GreenStar 3 CommandCenter (Controller Update Only)

This update allows the StarFire 3000 receiver and other controllers to be updated with the latest software using the GreenStar 3 CommandCenter display.

This is a controller-only update. Please see the Release Notes document for a list of available controller software versions.

When a display update is available, it will require your John Deere dealer to update the display.

Instructions to download: Download all of the files to a USB stick, then insert the USB into the USB connector located in the armrest storage compartment to update the controllers.


Release Notes

Release Date: 03/2018

Generation 4 CommandCenter Update

This update allows the Generation 4 CommandCenter to be updated with the latest software version.

Important Note: When installing this software version, it may spend up to 90 minutes at the same percentage level (such as 82%) in the Installing Software stage. Please be patient.

Software Manager

In order to save time with this large download, use the same USB or C:\ drive each time.
Software Manager Utility Instructions
Download & Update Instructions

Release Notes 18-1
Resolved Issues

Version: 10.10.404-345
Release Date: 02/2018 

Software Manager for Mac OS

StarFireâ„¢ 6000 Receiver

Application Controller 1100 for Active Implement Guidance and iGrade - Language Downloads

Active implement Guidance and iGrade application controller 1100 starting with version 2.00 software, will require a download to support the following languages:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • German


Release Date: 02/2017

Download Instructions:

  1. Verify the file server folder on the memory device is empty.
  2. Connect a memory device (USB or Compact Flash Card) to the computer.
  3. Click on the link to download the language files.
  4. Click “Run”.
  5. Select the correct drive for the memory device.
  6. Select Unzip to place the language files on the memory device.
  7. Remove the memory device from the computer and insert into the display.
  8. Change the language for the display while the memory device is still connected:
    Main Menu -> Display soft key -> Settings soft key -> select desired language from the drop down list.
  9. The memory device must be present to change the language of the Application Controller 1100. If you change the language after you remove the memory device the language of the Application Controller 1100 will revert back to English.
  10. Clean up controller object pool: Menu -> Message Center soft key -> Cleanup soft key -> select “Controllers” -> select “Begin Cleanup”.
  11. Cycle key power.

NOTE: Language files on the USB memory stick are needed every time the language is changed.

Field Connect Firmware Update

HarvestLab Software Update

For HarvestLab Software Updates please contact your local dealer.

HarvestLab Software Update (for dealers only)

Original GreenStar & KeyCards


This product enhancement is for all Original GreenStar Systems. Download this Update onto your computer. The update wizard will install the needed software to your John Deere KeyCard.

StarFire 3000 not in Region 2 Original GreenStar image for Software Updates (SU) 2011-1
Due to space limitations on the keycard and additional Region 2 controllers, the SF3000 software file is not included in the Region 2 (Europe) Original GreenStar update image for SU2011-1.
Note: This update requires a 32MB Key Card.
original greenstar


Version: 1.97 B
February 2011
Release Notes


Instruction Guides for Original GreenStar System
These instructions will help you step by step download the latest software from the website, to the computer, to the card, then to the system.

Software Updates Archive


Printer Software for Original GreenStar System
Printer software is available for your combine Yield Monitoring system (only in combination with Mobile Processor). Download the wizard and run it on your John Deere KeyCard or Datacard. Finally, use your KeyCard or DataCard to reprogram your mobile processor. The KeyCard or DataCard has to remain in the mobile processor while operating the printer.

Note: If you are using a printer with any other GreenStar application do NOT use the printer software, but reprogram your mobile processor with the corresponding software available with the GreenStar System Update. The printer software is included in these software files.

Software on Mobile Processor
System Combine SPFH
Printer & Yield Monitoring Printer software --
Printer & Yield Mapping Yield Mapping software --
Printer & Harvest Monitor AutoTrac & Parallel Tracking software AutoTrac & Parallel Tracking software
Printer & Harvest Doc Harvest Doc Combine software Harvest Doc SPFH software

Printer Software v. 1.20a


The GreenStar Standard Setup on the DATACARD for Field Doc or Harvest Doc can ONLY be used for boundary measurement, if there is no other desktop software available to generate the setup information (see also Field Doc operators manual). Please NOTE that this Standard Setup is NOT compatible with any desktop software program. This means that the data (boundary information) collected with this Standard Setup file cannot be downloaded into any type of desktop software application at a later date!

Software on Mobile Processor
System Combine SPFH
Printer & Yield Monitoring Printer software --
Printer & Yield Mapping Yield Mapping software --
Printer & Harvest Monitor AutoTrac & Parallel Tracking software AutoTrac & Parallel Tracking software
Printer & Harvest Doc Harvest Doc Combine software Harvest Doc SPFH software

DataCard Generic Setup

Horst Sprayer Update

All M700(i), M/R900(i) & R40x0i sprayers with JD TerrainControlTM Pro or JD TerrainCommandTM Pro

All MY18 machines and machines that received PIP/PEPs 17WZ082, 17WZ083 & 17WZ084 have a new boom guidance system which uses a separate controller. The latest software for this controller can be found below and transfer is done with a USB-stick.

See DTAC solution 112499 for more details.

Note: In case a new controller is installed, next to new software a new activation code is required. Please create a DTAC/CCMS Service case to request this new activation code.


ISOBUS Sprayers (800i/700i/M700(i)/M900(i)/R900i) - Loadable Languages

NOTE: To run the new software for ISOBUS (i-machines) sprayers in different languages than English it's also necessary to upload new language files to the sprayer as described below.

  1. Click on the link below. Open the document and read it carefully before installing the new software.
    Ensure software version 4.17 or higher is installed before updating

  3. Click on the link below. Download and run the exe-file. Specify your flash card drive as destination folder (or copy the content of the folder created on your desktop to the flash card).
    • Loadable Language Files (01/04/2016) software version 5.20 & 6.07


  4. Insert the flash card into the display and follow the instructions described in the language manual.

Loadable Language Revision Overview MY16
Software ISOBUS Sprayers (800i, 700i, M700(i), M900(i) and R900i)
Revision Date: 01/04/2016
700i - 900i M700(i)/M900(i)/R900i
Compatible software 4.11 & 4.12 5.20 & 6.07
Language Version Release Date Version Release Date
Bulgarian (bg) -- -- 39.04 01/04/16
Czech (cz) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
Danish (da) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
German (de) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
English (en) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
Spanish (es) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
Estonian (et) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
French (fr) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
Croatian (hr) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
Hungarian (hu) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
Lithuanian (lt) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
Latvian (lg) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
Dutch (nl) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
Polish (pl) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
Swedish (sw) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
Finnish (fi) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
Slovak (sk) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
Serbian (sr) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
Russian (ru) 09.07 15/01/10 39.04 01/04/16
Portuguese (pt) -- -- 39.04 01/04/16
Norwegian (no) -- -- 39.04 01/04/16
Romanian (ro) -- -- 39.04 01/04/16

Sprayers with Original GreenStar Display (GSD4)

It is not recommended to reprogram the sprayer controller with the latest software update unless specifically required! Usually the EHC-2 switchbox already has the latest software installed (see notes below).

NOTE: The sprayer software available for downloaded is only for machines with the 1 MB CPU number WZ8814071. This CPU is used since machine number WZ0****003654, and replacing the earlier 64 kB CPU WZ8814051, that had not enough memory for running BoomTrac, FieldDoc and the TwinFluid low drift settings. In some cases WZ8814071 was retrofitted on earlier sprayers (with software version 1.18).

If the downloaded software is installed it will show a new symbol in your startup menu. Be sure to have the Keycard in the computer before clicking this icon. The new software will automatically be installed on the Keycard.

ATTENTION: If you want to reprogram with this Keycard the JD Horst Sprayer you must always download the sprayer software (as last step) from Stellar Support after other AMS software has been downloaded to the keycard. If this is not done, it will not be possible to reprogram the sprayer controller on the JD Horst Sprayer.

Please verify what software you need before downloading:
  • If equipped with 2.01* it should be upgraded with 2.01X and boomtrac 1.01E.
  • If equipped with 2.00* and it has to be updated to 2.01X because of BoomTrac, TwinFluid low drift settings, and/or the need for Danish, Estonian, Croatian, Hungarian, or Lithuanian language files it is necessary to bootstrap the CPU according instructions in following .pdf file with attached LH-Upload program (included in SprayerTools download).
  • In case a machine with CPU WZ8814051 is updated with a new CPU WZ8814071, the new CPU has already been bootstrapped. Than not only 2.01X must be installed on the CPU, but also the control box EHC2 has to be updated with software version 1.12. See instruction WZ2971082 (included in SprayerTools download). If the control box EHC2 has software version 1.20 nothing has to be installed.

  • Horst Sprayer 2.01X & Boom Trac 1.01E (03/04/06)
  • Sprayer Tools (LHupload, Bootstrap, EHC2 tools)
  • All Sprayer Software (includes all above software) (03/04/06)

Round Baler Fixed Chamber - Arc Les Gray Factory

Round Baler ISOBUS RB644 and Wrapping Baler ISOBUS WB678 - WB744 – Loadable Languages

round baler fixed chamber

NOTE: To run the new software in languages other than English it is also necessary to load new languages files, as described below.

  1. Follow the instructions described in the language manual.
    Language Manual (05/2015)
  2. Click on the link below to download all the language files (04/2015).


Round Baler Variable Chamber - Arc Les Gray Factory

Round Baler ISOBUS 864, 960 and 990 – Loadable Languages

round baler variable chamber

NOTE: To run the new software in languages other than English it is also necessary to load new languages files, as described below.

  1. Follow the instructions described in the language manual.
    Language Manual (05/2015)
  2. Click on the link below to download all the language files (04/2015).