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  • Four-wheel independent suspension for excellent ride and handling
  • Balanced acceleration and top speed
  • Quiet and comfortable operator station
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Price starting at:$9,999.00* USD
Top Speed:45+ mph
Engine:586cc gas
Horsepower:32 hp @ 5600 rpm*
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Front and Back mud splattered images of XUV590i


Business in the front.  Party in the back.

Bring it on.  Meet the new Gator™ XUV590i Crossover Utility Vehicle that features performance, comfort, customization, and four-wheel drive (4WD) in a mid-size chassis. With its powerful twin-cylinder engine, independent four-wheel suspension, and availability of more than 75 attachments, the Gator™ XUV590i Crossover Utility Vehicle provides an unparalleled balance of performance and work capability in the mid-size class. There are a 1,000 ways to configure your own.  Get ready for serious fun.

Need additional seating? View the 4-passenger XUV590i S4.

John Deere XUV590i     VS.     Polaris® Ranger 570

John Deere XUV590i
Polaris® Ranger 570

Lower Cost of Ownership

  • John Deere XUV590i
  • List price starting at $9,999 USD
  • Cost 64% percent less to service through 5-year period
  • Double the warranty - without exclusions
  • Polaris Ranger 570
  • List price starting at $9,999 USD
  • Costs $1,100 more to service over a 5-year period
  • Only 6 months warranty - excludes suspension and clutch components

Operators Station

  • John Deere XUV590i
  • 8-gal. sealed storage
  • 41% more legroom
  • 13% more room from wheel to seat
  • 64% more space for entry/exit
  • Offers more room for larger operators
  • Polaris Ranger 570
  • Less storage, only sealed glove box
  • Less operator and passenger space
  • More difficult entry/exit - less room

Cargo Box Durability & Hard Working

  • John Deere XUV590i
  • Tie downs and side rails for securing load
  • Durable polyethylene - resists rusts and dents with cast supports to add rigidity
  • 27% more loaded ground clearance, 8.25in. with 400lb
  • Polaris Ranger 570
  • No tie-down points for securing load
  • No corner supports - less rigid - more prone to opening under load
  • Less unloaded ground clearance, 6in. with 400 lbs. (capacity 500 lbs. in 5.5 in.)

Suspension - Superior Terrain Capability

  • John Deere XUV590i
  • Fully adjustable independent, dual A-arm front
  • Adjustable independent multi-link, rear
  • High-strength steel and cast-iron components
  • Polaris Ranger 570
  • MacPherson strut, front
  • Less durable - tubular steel components
  • Dual A-arm, rear

No Speed Limitations

  • John Deere XUV590i
  • Larger, heavier-duty suspension components
  • Increased stability & no speed limitations (45+ mph) when fully loaded
  • Polaris Ranger 570
  • Limits speed to 30mph at payloads more than 700lbs
  • Less work capability

Alternator & Engine

  • John Deere XUV590i
  • 65 amps give 58% more output for running more electrical attachments
  • 21% higher CVT and engine air intakes, for cleaner air
  • Twin-cylinder engine, 586cc
  • Polaris Ranger 570
  • 560-W, 41-amp stator-type alternator - risks battery drain
  • Lower air intakes - higher risks
  • Single-cylinder engine, 567cc

Easy-to-use Cargo Box Tilt and Tailgate

  • John Deere XUV590i
  • One-handed tilt-lift handle used from either side
  • One-handed pickup-truck-style tailgate latch
  • Polaris Ranger 570
  • Tilt latch on left side only - small-diameter rod
  • Requires two latches to lower tailgate

Mid Size XUV Gator™ UV Videos

  • The cockpit. At a glance, yhou'll be prepared to take off. Or get to work.00:22

    The cockpit. At a glance, you'll be prepared to take off. Or get to work.

  • The Power.  See how to carry the day. The week. The month. Even the next 10 years.00:18

    The Power. See how to carry the day. The week. The month. Even the next 10 years.

  • The handling. Check out how a low stance and precision handling can come together at a great price.00:16

    The handling. Check out how a low stance and precision handling can come together at a great price.

  • The cargo box. Hold everything. Or just about.00:28

    The cargo box. Hold everything. Or just about.







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