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A Sprinkler Revolution

John Deere S2000 Micro Sprinkler

CRESTMEAD, Queensland (13 September 2012) – Setting up and maintaining a sprinkler system can be frustrating, whether it’s a simple domestic setup or a serious part of any agricultural or horticultural business. Many sprinkler systems are not efficient, and some never seem to work properly all the time. Adding to this challenge is the simple fact that farmers and growers often don’t have the time nor money to constantly fiddle and fix broken sprinklers.

Thankfully, John Deere Water has created the new S2000 Micro Sprinkler to solve these problems. Its innovative design and quality easily make it the most reliable on the market. In fact, more than 30,000 S2000 Micro Sprinklers have been field-trialled since 2009 as part of John Deere’s absolute commitment to quality and reliability. This quality was recognized at the recent Irrigation Australia Conference where the S2000 Flow-Regulated Micro Sprinkler was awarded the most innovative new product for its uniqueness, efficient water use, and positive environmental impact.

After sprinklers have sat idle for months at a time, such as when a crop is not in season, many ordinary sprinkler mechanisms can become stuck or will malfunction. This requires the grower or staff to manually fix every broken sprinkler head. John Deere addresses these issues by designing the S2000 with many unique features, one of which is an integrated anti-ant device. This closes the spinner when the system is shut off, preventing ants and other bugs from penetrating the sprinkler and causing it to stop working. In addition, extensive testing proves the S2000 has the best wearing components on the market and require less maintenance than other sprinkler systems.

Depending on the grower’s needs, the S2000 comes in flow-regulated and non-flow-regulated versions. The flow-regulated sprinkler has a unique built-in diaphragm that regulates pressure so the sprinkler delivers a constant flow across a wide range of water pressures. This makes it ideal for use on hills or in long-run lengths where there are increased pressure variations. Each tree in the orchard will receive the same amount of water.

The S2000 also comes with an easy snap-off range-limiter option that can reduce the wetting pattern of the sprinkler from 1 to 2 m (depending on the model). This range limitor is ideal for young trees as it allows water to reach the active root zone without waste. As the trees grow, the grower simply snaps off the range limiter to increase the range to 6 to 10 m (depending on the model).

The S2000 is adaptable across a wide range of crops. For bananas, it’s simply mounted on a fibre-glass rod. For macadamias, it’s suspended between trees on a poly tube. And for apples, citrus, nuts, and mangos, a small stake is used to mount the sprinkler.

  • John Deere S2000 Micro Sprinkler