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180SL/220SL/260SL180SL / 220SL / 260SL Greens Mowers

  • Precise cut even on undulating greens
  • Easy to set at the correct height of cut
  • A level cut when walking
  • Longer life from your reel
  • Weight transferring grass catchers

You told us you wanted quicker and easier adjustments in a walk greens mower as well as easier ways to adjust height of cut and change the front roller. And that’s what you’ll find in SL-Series Walking Greens Mowers. Dual-traction rear drums powered by an external differential drive delivers even power distribution for straighter striping. A forward-mounted pivot point reduces operator influence over the cutting plane of the mower. Hand adjustment knobs allow for easy, fine adjustment of bedknife-to-reel. And speed link bar connecting the quick adjust towers, so adjustment to height of cut can be carried out from just one side of the machine.

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