Gator Turf Utility Vehicles

Progator on golf course

Strong as titanium. Versatile as a great set of irons.

Haul heavy loads effortlessly. Spray with absolute precision. Gator Turf Utility Vehicles do this and so much more, so much better.

Turf Gator™ Utility Vehicles Lineup

Four reasons why we are trusted by the best.

ModelHpEngineTransmissionMax SpeedSteeringBed Capacity


4-cylinder Liquid-cooled gas

5-speed synchro mesh

19.1 mph


5400 lbs.


3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel

5-speed synchro mesh

19.1 mph


5400 lbs.


4-cycle gas

Continuously Variable Transmission

15.5 mph


600 lbs.


Wound Direct Drive Motor

Separately excited 400 amp max controller

15 mph

Rack and Pinion

500 lbs.

SelectSpray™ Sprayers

Make your ProGator™ Utility Vehicle even more productive. Built around flexibility and control, the SelectSpray series offers sprayers with two pump options (centrifugal or diaphragm), an automatic or manual rate controller, and a 200 or 300 gallon tank.


HD200 SelectSpray™

Featuring a 200 U.S. gallon capacity tank.


HD300 SelectSpray™

Featuring a 300 U.S. gallon capacity tank.

Which Gator™ is right for you?

Find the Gator™ Utility Vehicle that's best for your task.

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Contact a Dealer

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Golf Financing

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