Traditional Utility Vehicles

Traditional Gator in front of house being built

The Work Series

The Work Series, our Traditional Gator™ Utility Vehicles, are easy to use, hardworking and provide unmatched productivity. Mid-size and Full-size models are available.

HPX 4x4 Gator studio shot

HPX 4x4 Gas

When it comes to work, Gator™ utility vehicles don’t play around not with load capacity to make a pickup truck envious, muscle to rip through mud, and backbone to get the job done whether in a barb-wired pasture in Montana or a construction site  in NYC.

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HPX 4x4 Diesel studio shot

HPX 4x4 Diesel

It offers low steering effort, choice of a gas or diesel engine, all-wheel hydraulic disk brakes for braking power and a long, long list of available options and accessories. It’s got all the momentum you’ll need to carry off tasks, pronto.

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TH 6x4 Gas studio shot

TH 6x4 Gas

They're unbelievably stable—thanks to their extra-long wheelbase and low center of gravity. Plus, like the TX model, they include the new high capacity, convertible Deluxe Cargo Box. And they're light on turf. In short, when it comes to work, they bring it.

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TH 6x4 Diesel studio shot

TH 6x4 Diesel

With more power, more capacity and a whole lot more wheels on the ground, the gas and diesel Gator TH 6x4 models have a rock-solid rep for digging in and moving mountains.

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TX 4x2 studio shot

TX 4x2

Whether you load it up or leave it empty, the TX delivers a well-cushioned ride with its new specially tuned four-wheel suspension. Get one. And every job just goes smoother.

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TS 4x2 studio shot

TS 4x2

It's powered by a 350cc gas engine. The affordable Gator TS offers an amazing capacity for cargo, combined with a surprisingly light footprint on turf (only 7.5 psi – less than a human foot).

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