Sub-Saharan Financing

John Deere Sub-Saharan Financing Details - Select Your Interest Rate! A 50% deposit could get you an interest rate saving of up to prime minus 5% to buy yourself any new John Deere product.

John Deere Financial - finance built for you.

John Deere Financial, supported by in country Alliance Banks, brings agricultural asset finance packages, designed for all you mechanization requirements.

Now John Deere customers can get customized finance solutions from John Deere Financial for any new farming equipment.
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Key benefits to the farmer

John Deere Financial, supported by in country Alliance Banks, provides the following benefits:

  1. Convenient and flexible repayment structures

    John Deere Financial knows and understands the cyclical nature of agriculture. We understand that cash flow is the life of a business. And by supporting a healthy cash flow, we promote healthy growth of your farming enterprises.

  2. Customised solutions for commercial farmers

    We are not merely selling products. We offer customised solutions that will help you achieve your desired level of efficiency. When lending to farmers, John Deere Financial considers the strength of the farmer’s balance sheet, alongside the production value of the farm as a whole.

  3. Access to a dedicated relationship banker

    We know that farmers seldom have the time to queue in banks or to be sent from pillar to post to solve a problem. With John Deere Financial, you’re assigned to a dedicated relationship banker who will focus on your banking needs, in this way, enabling you to focus on what you do best – farming.

  4. Flexible lending periods

    Flexibility in the lending period translates into affordability for the farmer. For detailed information on the maximum instalments, your relationship manager is on hand to advise you.

  5. Competitive interest rates on all new John Deere equipment

    John Deere Financial aspires to offer our customers highly competitive interest rates on asset finance.

  6. Product support

    Because we are committed to those linked to the land, John Deere provides training and on-going aftersales support through our dealer network, to our customers.


Special Offers

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Arthur Bezuidenhout
+ 26 77 230 0010

Muzila M Mooketsi
+26 77 580 6010


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AFGRI: 020 433 1501


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Stanbic Bank
Millicent Ooro
+254 722 953 62

Geoffrey Sige
+254 722 254 537

Stephan Marwa
+254 724 834 757

Keitany Kiprotich
+254 724 443 38

Dirk Meiring
+254 790 485 555


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Yann Koening
592 661 33 or 286 6260


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Brent Quincey
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Tata: 0809 026 7193


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William Stein
+ 268 76 020 329

Nkhanyeti Ngwenya
+ 268 76 024 533

Ian Boyd
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+255 22 2772 775

John Machunda
+255 756 000 533

Stanbic Bank
Damian Leopold
+255 768 354 999


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+256 200 907 101

Stanbic Bank
Johnson Edony
+256 772 952 053

Opportunity Bank
Sandra Namulondo
+256 759 027 719 or 256 787 164 432


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Katuna Sinyangwe
+ 260 966 778 010

Gerrie Jordaan
+260 965 048 117


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Graeme Smith
+268 764 727 86


John Deere Financial

At John Deere Financial the sole purpose is to help customers invest in the future success of their business by providing a full range of financing for new John Deere equipment. Find out about John Deere Financial from your nearest John Deere Dealership.