W230W230 grain combine harvester

  • Up to 185 horsepower in a new six-cylinder engine
  • A continuously variable flow cutting threshing roller and a submanuscript separator combination (WTS) adapted to different crop harvests
  • The double-layer fish scale screen makes the cleaning area larger and improves the cleaning effect by adopting a cleaning fan with a straight plate vortex shell fan and a guide plate
  • The closed grain discharging cylinder controlled by hydraulic control can realize walking grain discharging

“约翰迪尔”品牌发动机三包期限为24个月或2000小时, 二者以先到为准,将给您带来更多保障。 以上发动机三包政策适用于以下在中国销售的约翰迪尔农业机械产品: 

1. 装配有“约翰迪尔”品牌发动机; 

2. 整机三包期自2014年4月1日或之后开始(以约翰迪尔产品注册信息系统中录入的交付日期为准)。



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