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Philanthropy and Grant Information

We aspire to be a catalyst for positive global change by focusing our energy, intellect, and resources on solving world hunger, empowering others through education, and developing our home communities.

Working With Us

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Our Focus

We focus our philanthropic efforts in these areas:

    • Solutions for World Hunger – We work to transform under-resourced agricultural communities in developing countries through distinctive and sustainable solutions for world hunger focused on farmer training, value-chain enhancement, and water access and use.
    • Education – We invest in projects that provide inspiring, rewarding, and innovative educational experiences for both youth and adults, particularly in our home communities.
    • Community Development – We create rich and diverse opportunities for community growth by supporting economic development, resiliency and safety programs, and community relations activities.

Funds are not available for the following organizations or purposes:

    • Gifts, or portions thereof, to organizations that are not charitable or tax-deductible
    • Gifts to organizations that could potentially violate restrictions on self-dealing between the John Deere Foundation and Deere & Company
    • Initiatives for the benefit of an identifiable individual or family
    • Political organizations or campaigns
    • Religious organizations (churches, synagogues, mosques and other houses of worship), or other groups with solely religious missions. Faith-motivated organizations may be considered eligible, at the sole discretion of the John Deere Foundation, if the organization and its programs serve primarily a secular purpose (such as a food pantry, shelter, or school) and are open to all individuals regardless of religious belief
    • Animal advocacy organizations
    • Medical or health organizations engaged in controversial activities
    • Gifts to organizations creating some personal benefit for the donor, including goods, services, or anything of financial value
    • Any other gift or organization that John Deere or the John Deere Foundation, in their sole discretion, consider non-compliant with the law, controversial, or otherwise incompatible with their philanthropic mission

U.S. Philanthropy

Our efforts are focused in communities with major John Deere operating units and employee presence. 

John Deere dealerships are owned and operated independently from John Deere, so their considerations may be different. Their locations are not included in our geographic scope.

Canada Philanthropy

We focus our philanthropic efforts in these areas:

  • Education – accredited colleges and universities.
  • Community Betterment – community development, human services, and arts and culture
  • Health – support healthcare to improve the health and wellbeing of our local communities

Our efforts are focused in communities with major John Deere operating units and employee presence:

  • Ontario: Grimsby, Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara Area
  • Saskatchewan: Regina
  • Alberta: Edmonton
  • British Columbia: Kamloops

Funds are not available for the following organizations or purposes:

  • Individual initiatives
  • Sports teams, racing teams, athletic endeavors or scholarships designated for athletes
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Political candidates, campaigns or organizations
  • Private clubs, fraternities or sororities
  • Other foundations for purposes of building endowment
  • Initiatives supported by the government

Recipients of funding from the John Deere Foundation of Canada must be a registered charitable organization through Canada Revenue Agency. They must be located in Canada, and not administratively over-burdened. The Foundation supports programs that take a proactive approach toward addressing specific community needs, and offer opportunities for enriched life.

Request Support

John Deere and the John Deere Foundation are transitioning to a new grants management system. Beginning 01 November 2016, John Deere Foundation grant and Deere & Company sponsorship requests will be by invitation only.

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International Philanthropy

John Deere operations in other areas of the world are engaged in philanthropic efforts within their countries. Their efforts reflect enterprise intent as well as the cultural distinctions unique to specific geographic regions.

  • European Good Will Fund
  • John Deere India
  • John Deere Brazil
John Deere employees help with a food drive

Types of Support

Our philanthropic support aligns with our three focus areas. John Deere Foundation Grants and National Corporate Sponsorships are awarded by invitation only.

Community relations contributions in the form of John Deere-branded merchandise in the greater Quad Cities is available. Click the button below to make a merchandise request.