Photo of group of FFA children

Ensuring Agriculture’s Future

FFA and John Deere go together like bread and butter, the moon and the stars, and green and yellow. And why not?

A shared commitment to the future of agriculture has bound these two organizations since 1943.  In fact, John Deere is FFA’s longest running corporate sponsor.

Today, John Deere and FFA are helping the agriculture industry meet its biggest challenge ever – increasing agricultural output in order to meet the needs of some 9.7 billion global inhabitants by 2050.

A healthy, strong, and sustainable world depends on the next generation of agricultural leaders. As the premier ag educator in U.S. schools today, FFA is preparing those leaders, as well as responsible citizens and stewards of our precious natural resources.

John Deere contributes over $1 million a year to FFA to provide members with education, mentorship, and access to career-development events, scholarships, and leadership conferences.  In 2014, Deere became FFA’s second corporate alumni affiliate, and now supports local FFA chapters in six unit communities.

“I believe in the future of agriculture,” reads the first line of the FFA creed. It’s a fitting foundation for an enduring partnership dedicated to improving the lives of current and future global citizens.