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Keeping Combine Operators Safe

Nothing beats the productivity of a John Deere combine, as it makes quick work of a corn or bean field. But productivity isn’t the only focus for innovation in these workhorses.

Just as important is a relentless attention to safety for combine operators, service technicians, and bystanders. To help ensure safety, John Deere engineers have designed an innovative alarm system alerting anyone to not get too close to the machine’s moving parts. 

Power is disconnected to the header and now also to the separator when the operator leaves the seat. Sensors monitor any motion of machine components in key areas on the combine and activate audible and visual alarms to warn that parts are still moving. For example, if an operator leaves the driver’s seat while drive shafts are still rotating, horns will sound and lights will flash until the internal components have stopped moving.

The rotational alarm system is included in all T-, W-, and S-Series Combines, helping our customers improve their productivity as safely as possible.