Global Citizenship Report 2017

A Power for Good

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At John Deere, we know that good citizenship is good business. It inspires employees, motivates customers, and extends our competitive advantage.

But it’s also the right thing to do.

With that in mind, we are committed to operating ethically, safely, and in an environmentally-sustainable manner, all while giving back to our communities and beyond through philanthropy and volunteerism.

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Responsible resource management is vital not just to our company and employees, but also to our customers, neighbors, and the world. With our commitment to those linked to the land comes a responsibility to efficiently manage natural resources, minimize energy and water use, and reduce waste in our operations, all while designing new products that are both fuel-efficient and productive. 

Guiding our work is a set of 2018 Eco-Efficiency Goals. For the second year in a row, we exceeded our goal for recycling 75 percent of the waste produced by our facilities, and maintained our focus on energy and water efficiency.

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Optimizing Transportation to Reduce Fuel Consumption, Emissions

Every hour, somewhere around the world, John Deere or one of its suppliers is transporting finished and unfinished goods from place to place. But when semi-trailers are half full, or packages on those trailers aren’t full, productivity suffers and overall transport costs rise.

2018 Enterprise Eco-Efficiency Goals

John Deere is pursuing an aggressive set of 2018 Eco-Efficiency Goals aimed at limiting the environmental impact of its operations and products. This includes reducing energy and water consumption, recycling waste, and using life cycle engineering to develop, produce, and deliver products and services that meet customer needs in an environmentally responsible way.


Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 15% per ton of production.


Reduce water consumption by 15% per ton of production.


Recycle 75% of total waste.


(GJ per metric ton of production)


(mtCO2e per metric ton of production)


(cubic meters per metric ton of production)
Water consumption does not include non-contact cooling water.


Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, water, and waste data have been third-party verified to the ISO 14064-3 assurance standard. As necessary, previously reported data has been restated due to acquisitions, divestitures, and improved accuracy. GHG emissions are calculated in accordance with the World Resources Institute (WRI) Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology for market-based emissions.

Turning Trash into Energy

You may call it trash. At John Deere Electronic Solutions (JDES) in Fargo, North Dakota, we call it energy.

Promoting Electric Vehicle Use to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

John Deere Des Moines Works employees rarely have to search for a parking space on cold, wintry mornings – that is, if they drive an electric vehicle.

New Sugarcane Harvesters Reduce Environmental Footprint

John Deere is committed to environmental responsibility. From the earliest stages in a product’s development, we practice life cycle engineering to create products and services that both meet customer needs and reduce environmental impact.


John Deere consistently leads the way in workplace safety when compared with other equipment manufacturers. In fact, our injury rates are better than some non-manufacturing sectors.

2016 was another strong employee safety year, with on-the-job recordable rates declining and over half of our locations recording no lost-time incidents.

Equally important is our focus on product safety as we continually work to make Deere equipment as safe as possible for our customers.

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Safety Comes First in Factory Design

Imagine working in a factory with zero recordable injuries, illnesses or accidents. That’s the safety culture we’re striving for at John Deere, starting with a factory’s master plan.

2016 Employee Injury Rates

Lost-Time Injury Frequency Rate

Injuries per 200,000 hours worked

Injury Recordable Rate

Injuries per 200,000 hours worked



Building Safety Awareness in India

Although John Deere first introduced roll-over protection structures (ROPS) to the North American farm industry in the 1960s, ROPS still aren’t commonplace everywhere. In India, most of the tractors in operation, regardless of brand, are not equipped with this potentially life-saving device. We’re hoping to change that.

Keeping Combine Operators Safe

Nothing beats the productivity of a John Deere combine, as it makes quick work of a field of corn or other grain. But productivity isn’t the only focus for innovation in these workhorses.


At John Deere, we’re committed to having a positive impact wherever we operate. In 2016, John Deere and the John Deere Foundation made charitable contributions totaling more than $31 million, improving the lives of over 18 million people worldwide. Our employees strengthened the impact of those contributions through nearly 160,000 volunteer hours, a jump of over 50% from 2015.

Focusing on solutions for world hunger, education, and community development, we strive to be a Power for Good and help move the world forward.

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JIVA: Changing Lives in Rural India

Five years ago, in the village of Morra in northwest India, a farmer named Sita Kumawat struggled to support her family. With no formal agricultural training, Sita had no choice but to labor long hours growing crops in poor quality soil and with limited access to water.

Employee Citizenship Engagement

Dollars for Doers

Volunteer Hours Recorded

Matching Gifts

The Charitable Side of Professional Golf

It has been called “the little tournament that could.” But in 1997, what was then the Quad City Classic, located in the PGA Tour’s smallest market, was in dire need of a title sponsor.

Employees Bring to Life Deere’s Commitment to Communities

2016 was the year of the volunteer at John Deere with more than five thousand employees around the world becoming a Power for Good through the company’s inaugural Serving Our Communities initiative.

Ensuring Agriculture’s Future

FFA and John Deere. They go together like bread and butter, the moon and the stars, and green and yellow. And why not?

A shared commitment to the future of agriculture has bound these two organizations together since 1943.  In fact, John Deere is FFA’s longest running corporate sponsor.

Employee Experience

Supporting the needs of employees, at work and in life, is a top priority at John Deere. Healthy, engaged employees who celebrate diverse perspectives and innovative spirits leave a lasting impact on our customers and in our communities.

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Employee Resource Groups Promote Community Volunteerism

John Deere locations all over the world support employee-run resource groups. Not only do these groups provide opportunities for comradery and career development, many groups are actively involved in their local communities.

LOTUS, a group founded to celebrate John Deere’s linkage to the Asian/Pacific region, partners with the Voluntary Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program to help underprivileged community members prepare and file their income taxes in the U.S. In the past two tax seasons, Deere volunteers completed more than 420 filings through more than 500 hours of service at locations throughout the Quad Cities, Iowa and Illinois region.

Smita Khurjekar, an IT project manager and VITA volunteer, appreciates the opportunity to learn a new skillset and interact with the community. "This experience has definitely helped me to see how privileged I am to work within John Deere," Khuriekar says.

Work-life Management Efforts

Life can be hectic. That’s why John Deere offers resources to help employees better manage their needs at work and at home.

In Mannheim, Germany, a work and care room was opened recently to provide a quiet space for parents to both work and look after their child due to unexpected circumstances, such as child care issues. The room is furnished with a desk and work equipment, as well as toys, a bed, a crib, and other child care essentials. Thomas Peuntner, global HR director, explains the room is a “step in the right direction to actively support work-life management and the compatibility of family and job."

Health and Wellness Events Around the Globe

When employees thrive, our company and local communities benefit, too. In 2016, locations worldwide hosted wellness events to increase energy levels and encourage healthy lifestyles.

Employees in India captured the meaning of wellness during the “Selfie with a Cause” contest. Some snapshots portrayed physical activities, like marathon running and hiking. Others depicted well-being through photos of meditation, volunteerism, and quality time with family.

A health fair provided 1,500 employees in Pune, India, the chance to learn about many aspects of wellness through consultations with 18 on-site vendors. Employees then received free health check-ups and participated in massage and pain relief treatments.

At the company’s factory in Jiamusi, China, employees gathered for a group hike to celebrate the facility’s 40th anniversary. Other facilities in China celebrated wellness throughout the year with fishing contests, family day activities, and badminton games.

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