Staying Power

A Green Power genset powered by a John Deere industrial engine sitting inside a building

A good supplier helps a customer deliver quality products on time. But a great one helps them grow their company! When Green Power started out, John Deere​​ engine distributor Rama Motori (John Deere​​ engine distributor for Italy and the Balkans) helped the generator specialist build up expertise around gen-sets for the agricultural sector. More than 20 years later, these two companies still work closely together to deliver highly customizable generator sets for a wide variety of sectors across 150 countries.

Learn more about this partnership from Giovanni Massaro, Green Power global sales director.

How did the collaboration between Green Power and Rama Motori start?

"When Green Power was founded in 1999, our first dealers came mainly from the agricultural sector. They were familiar and comfortable with John Deere​, and their passion for the brand has driven the use of John Deere​ industrial engines in many of our generator models, even today."

"So, when we started designing our first generator sets, we contacted Rama Motori . The journey with them has been extraordinary. At the start, Rama engineers shared their experience and insights on generator set requirements for agricultural applications. Since then, we've worked closely on both standardized and highly customized sets. Our relationship with Rama enabled us to be one of the first in the market to introduce Stage V generator sets, which has helped us build a solid international presence. In fact, overall, we've achieved a year-on-year growth of 8% these past 10 years."

Why do companies choose Green Power?

"In one word: flexibility. But more specifically we offer customized power solutions, no minimum orders, private labeling, on-time delivery, and excellent value for the cost. We also maintain a large stock of engines, alternators, and control units. This has proven to be a powerful differentiator for us lately. While many manufacturers are struggling to get raw materials, we've still been able to deliver finished products in a timely manner."

The Alligator generator designed by Green Power includes a diesel generator, lighting tower, and self-priming pump

What are the highlights of your product range?

"Our generator range runs from 1 kVA to 3 MW for permanent and emergency use in a wide variety of markets, including residential, rental, data, telecom, industrial, hospital, pharma, hotels, and more. Our super-soundproof 55/60 dBa generators are extremely popular. Our sales on that product doubled in 2021. And in 2022 we're releasing an exciting new product: the Alligator. This unique combination of diesel generator, lighting tower, and self-priming pump is designed for the emergency sector. It's a complete, customizable system that's easy to transport and ready to put out any type of fire."

Which industrial engines do you use in your generators?

"We offer various engine brands, but many of our dealers like to promote John Deere​ engines to their customers. They feel confident about the quality and performance as well as the after-sales service and spare parts availability from the John Deere​ global network."

"Our 30 to 200 kVA super-soundproof generator sets are fitted with John Deere​ 2.9L, 4.5L, and 6.8L non-certified and Stage IIIA engines. Our 30 to 200 kVA soundproof generator sets are powered by John Deere​ 2.9, 4.5L, and 6.8L Stage V engines. The new Alligator is available with a John Deere​ 6.8L engine."

A Green Power generator set powered by a John Deere 4.5L engine

How do you and Rama help customers get the most out of their generator?

"We build each product to operate safely and reliably at maximum capacity, and we have a fast-response service department. Today, with so many digital communication tools, people expect immediate support and answers. Our flat organizational structure allows us to make decisions and offer solutions quickly."

"Rama is equally committed to making sure equipment remains up and running. For example, Rama delivers every engine with a QR code. The owner just scans the code to register the engine online, securing immediate expert service in the field."

"Rama provides commercial and marketing support, and they work with us on special generator sets. They always offer the right solution — customized, ready-to-drop-in powerpacks — for even the most specific customer requests. And their experience and knowledge of how to get the most out of John Deere​ engines has been very valuable to us since those early days."

What are Green Power's future ambitions?

"There are already more than 1,000 John Deere​-powered generator sets in the field, and we intend to grow that number considerably through an aggressive growth strategy. Our target is a turnover of 100 million Euros within the next five years. Our relationship with John Deere​ and Rama will certainly play a role in achieving that success, and we hope to continue our successful and pleasant collaboration."

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