Power Clean with Jetstream

A Jetstream water blasting unit sitting on a truck bed.

There are few things in this world more satisfying than a good power wash. Whether that be a sidewalk, the siding of a house, or the flooring of a back deck. But what about water-blasting industrial pipes, tanks, or a steel or composite surface like an aircraft carrier? Jetstream of Houston, LLP — a subsidiary of Federal Signal — manufactures the equipment needed for industrial-level power washing satisfaction. 

Jetstream's water-blasting units are used in applications such as tube and pipe cleaning, tank cleaning, and surface prep. Surface prep can describe a number of different applications: a steel surface like an aircraft carrier, a composite surface like the paint or fouling on a ship, concrete. With concrete, the water blaster is often removing layers for a fresh pour, which enters into the hydro demolition sector.

Jetstream has strong foundations

"We were founded in 1976, and our goal has always been to have the safest, most reliable, and simplest product in the marketplace," says Ronnie Felts, product manager at Jetstream. "We offer products from water supply all the way to high pressure at the end of the tool. So it's a complete system; it's a complete unit."

To provide their customers with this complete package, they had to look for a supplier with a passion equal to theirs. So, more than 20 years ago, John Deere Power Systems entered the picture.

"The applications we use now have a range anywhere from 80 to 800 hp (60 to 596 kW). Throughout our fleet, the engines have been power-critical in launching our products," says Felts. 

Versatility and compatibility are key for Jetstream

Jetstream's ultimate goal is to provide the most versatile and compact unit with the highest horsepower and flow possible. To achieve this goal, they work with the engineering team at Engines, Inc. 

"The engineering support we receive from Engines, Inc., is top-notch. Our customers' need for a compact footprint but powerful performance is what leads us to having weight and dimension parameters that need to be met," continues Felts. "Whether that be from integrating new models to making custom modifications, they're always willing to go a step further to make sure that we're getting our customers the maximum amount of horsepower in the smallest footprint possible." 

The John Deere PSS 9.0L 325-hp engine that powers Jetstream water blast system.


One of the recent product designs Jetstream and Engines, Inc., worked on is the TwinForce™ 696-kW (800-hp) unit. This is the most advanced and highest producing water-blast system available from Jetstream.

“The TwinForce series first hit the market in 2015, incorporating dual John Deere PSS 9.0L 325-hp (242 kW) engines utilizing our 4200 pump,” details Felts. “Fast-forward to 2019 going into early 2020, we released the 5200 series pump. This pump has a longer stroke, greater flow capabilities, and a higher horsepower rating.”

This new pump prompted the conversation with Engines, Inc., to move the unit from 242 kW (325 hp) to 298 kW (400 hp) per engine for a combined 596 kW (800 hp). The team needed to confirm that they could equip the PSS 9.0L for that level of power, and from there worked to ensure that the package would remain the same as the previous or lower-power versions.

“This was our first integrated trailer on a TwinForce. It was all designed and built specifically for the John Deere PSS 9.0L engines and the 5200 pump. It’s a beast,” says Felts.

The integrated trailer allows Jetstream to drop their deck height from previous versions, enabling them to run hoses and other supply lines within the trailer and making additional room for maintenance. 

Jetstream water blasters get right to work 

Continuously innovating to improve performance, the Jetstream TwinForce 596-kW (800-hp) unit produces 23% more flow and higher horsepower that yields increased volume (GPM) than its predecessor.

“As soon as the unit was completed, it was on the jobsite within two days all the way in Tampa, Florida,” details Felts. “It has performed really well. From the perspective of our customers, it’s been very productive, headache-free, and had no issues to speak of.” 

In fact, Felts and his team are already starting on their next production run of the 596-kW (800-hp) units.

“We want our customers to experience reliable results — time after time — no matter what their tasks are any given day,” says Felts. “The TwinForce 800-hp unit delivers on that promise through greater productivity in even the most demanding applications and environments.”

Jetstream customers come first 

At the end of the day, Jetstream’s customers know they can depend on the reliability, the performance, and the service they need to operate. 

With the John Deere service footprint, customers always have someone within close proximity that can help them should an issue arise. Many times, these projects are time-sensitive and the accessibility to a service center is critical. 

“The bottom line is that, with John Deere, we have a reliable company with the power and displacement that fits our customers’ needs,” says Felts. “They have a service footprint our customers like, and they like John Deere Power Systems, and that’s what we provide them.” 

As mesmerizing as power washing and water blasting may be, for Jetstream nothing will beat the satisfaction of providing companies with the industry-leading equipment needed for the ultimate clean. And for John Deere Power Systems, nothing beats engineering and supplying industry pioneers with the powerful engine solution they need.  

This was our first integrated trailer on a TwinForce. It was all designed and built specifically for the John Deere PSS 9.0L engines and the 5200 pump. It’s a beast.

Ronnie Felts
Product manager at Jetstream

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