Atmospheric Water Generators

Water coming out of a GENAQ Cumulus C5000, powered by a John Deere 6.8L engine

All living things need water to survive, yet water stress and scarcity put millions of people at risk every year. The challenge is how to transport water to the places it is needed. But GENAQ focuses on how to use the water already there in the air. Its atmospheric water generators support daily life, industry, and emergency relief. In the most demanding, extreme, and remote sites, you'll find it is the GENAQ Cumulus C5000 hard at work – powered by a generator set driven by a PowerTechTM E John Deere 6.8L engine.

Atmospheric water generators provide high productivity in extreme conditions

The GENAQ Cumulus C5000 atmospheric water generator has a strong track record of supplying clean, drinkable water in disaster-stricken locations around the world. For instance in 2017, when Category 5 Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, including the water supply infrastructure, disaster relief agencies used C5000 units to generate drinking water out of the air.

This heavy hitter of GENAQ's emergency response product range can generate up to 5,192 liters (1,372 gallons) of water per day, depending on conditions. "Large-scale disaster relief, humanitarian relief, and defense customers needed a high-productivity solution with a robust structure and an autonomous power supply," says Carlos Garcia, CEO of GENAQ. "We developed the GENAQ Cumulus C5000 to tick all the boxes: it has a double refrigeration circuit, can work with several energy options, and is reliable in extreme environmental conditions of up to 55°C (131°F)."

The C5000 atmospheric water generator includes an air circuit, condensation chamber, water circuit, electrical connections and control, and water treatment. Integrated In a 6-meter (20-foot) container with a 2,000-liter (528-gallon) tank, it is powered by a generator set that is driven by a 6.8L engine.

The John Deere 6.8L engine in a Genaq’s atmospheric water generator.

Global service is a benefit for GENAQ

To power the generator set, GENAQ turned to the John Deere distributor in Spain, Transdiesel S.L. "Transdiesel guided us in selecting the gen-set. They provided technical information and advice on how to integrate it into the unit, both physically and electrically, in the container and with the generator respectively. Transdiesel's quick responses and proactivity in providing information have been essential,"Garcia says.

The choice of the John Deere 6.8L engine was based on reliability and fuel efficiency – both critical for the emergency situations that require the C5000. "The engine fulfills our clients' top requirements: efficiency, reliability, and low diesel consumption. And so far, it has been performing perfectly," says Garcia. John Deere's global presence provides peace of mind that maintenance and technical assistance are always at hand.

No bottles, no logistics: just safe, drinkable water for all

Water may cover 75% of the Earth's surface, but only 1% of it is drinkable. GENAQ's atmospheric water generators condense water vapor in the atmospheric air using a thermodynamic cycle with mechanical refrigeration technology. Air and water treatments eliminate particles in the air and volatile organic compounds in the water. Depending on the conditions – especially temperature and humidity – and the model, GENAQ's units can produce between 50 and 5,000 liters (13 and 1,320 gallons) of safe, drinkable, storable water per day.

"By combining high efficiency with low energy consumption, our solutions lower the cost per liter of water generated. And the client doesn' have to worry about logistics, waste, or plastic bottles, making our atmospheric water generators a very sustainable choice," describes Garcia. "A six-stage process filters the air and water, while ultraviolet technology and mineralization enable safe storage. Finally, we do exhaustive quality control of our units to guarantee that the water generated meets the most demanding quality standards."

The C5000 has found a strong customer base around the world, including the United Nations, European Commission, and national governments. Today, it is being used in 36 countries: from oil, gas, and mining applications in Malaysia and Chile to the World Youth Days in Panama and atmospheric water bottling plants in France. And, the C5000 will be supplying water at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

"By supporting global efforts to ensure people have access to pure drinking water, the C5000 is helping us achieve our goal of creating opportunities for countries and their societies to embark on a new path, free from water stress," Garcia concludes.

The engine fulfills our clients’ top requirements: efficiency, reliability, and low diesel consumption. And so far, it has been performing perfectly.

Carlos Garcia

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