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John Deere Technology
and Innovation

At John Deere, we innovate on behalf of our customers because what we learn is not a byproduct of what we do. It's the fuel that powers what we can do better. Our solutions empower customers to achieve their aspirations, to do their jobs more precisely and productively through advanced technology as well as make better decisions based on data.

Cultivating Innovation: Meet Our Fellows Award Winners

At John Deere, our Fellows award is our way of recognizing and celebrating our innovative thinkers, leaders, and doers who steer us into the future and, with a shared higher purpose, enabling lives to leap forward.

Meet Our Top Experts
  • Kurt Chipperfield

    Kurt Chipperfield

    His small business owner approach to expanding VR's implementation benefits both customers and colleagues.

  • Clayton Janasek

    Clayton Janasek

    His ability to turn simulation results into practical, real-life applications deepens customer trust and loyalty.

  • Rich Humpal

    Rich Humpal

    He’s taken an essential product line and turned it into a sustainability solution, making customers more efficient and profitable.

  • Lara Baugh

    Lara Baugh

    She safeguards the company’s exposure to risk, allowing John Deere to become more innovative and aggressive.

  • Kent Wanner

    Kent Wanner

    He helps outpace the evolution of electrification, often bridging the gap between diesel power and the future.

  • Georg Kormann standing by a robotic arm.

    Integrated Solutions

    Dr. Georg Kormann, engineering manager for hay and forage Advanced Engineering and Tech Integration, has an appreciation for what customers want, expect, and even demand.