Our guarantee for owners of a new S700 Series Combines

As a result of a research conducted by the University of Göttingen, we are so confident in the grain quality of the S700, we guarantee you can achieve <1% broken grain in the grain tank. If not, we’ll pay you the difference in cash for 50% of grain** which ends up as losses in the field*.


Broken Grain = Invisible Losses

Broken kernels can affect your business in many ways:

  1. Penalties or deductions on the invoice for grain delivered to the elevator
  2. Poor germination rates of seeds
  3. Losses in the field

The first two do not affect the profit on every farm, but the last one does. And it does it invisibly. German scientists** found out that up to 50% of the total amount of broken grain generated by a combine ends up in the grain tank and the rest in the field. For example, on 500 ha of wheat with a yield of 8 t/ha and a price of 160 Euro/ha this can add up to field losses of 12,800 Euro! As broken kernels do not germinate these losses do not leave 'green stripes' in the field so you will never know, even if you check your field the following year.

S700 Series rotor

The single rotor of the S-Series gives you a clear advantage over other, more traditional and hybrid systems.

The crop passes over the threshing areas multiple times compared to a tangential threshing system. The grain is separated out of the ears using friction and this "rubbing effect" treats the grain very gentle resulting in low grain damage.

Stop losing thousands of Euro in broken grain!

Grain Quality

ICA2 automatically controls the level of broken kernels and precisely maintains grain losses to pre-set limits, so you retain more profit. It uses two cameras compared to similar systems, which only use a single camera. This gives it a higher level of precision. That’s why we can guarantee grain quality and <1% broken kernels.

clean grain elevator camera

The high speed camera in the clean grain elevator checks for foreign material and broken kernels.

The high speed camera in the tailings elevator checks for the amount of free grain and Material Other than Grain (MOG).

On the ICA2 main screen you can control all automation functions: set your desired target outputs, view live pictures from the different cameras and, using the history buttons, check how the combine has been adjusting itself throughout the harvest.

This shows the output of the live camera in the grain elevator. Broken grain is highlighted in orange. Foreign material, yellow or green. This is far superior to traditional manual checks looking through a glass observation panel.

* Only at participating John Deere dealers. Registration only from 15th August 2019 until 30th may 2020 on our webpage. See our registration form for full details on participation

** Feiffer Consult, Harvest Poll, 2005