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SPFH Calculator

Performance & Engine Speed Calculator

Performance & Engine/Speed Management Calculator

Your Performance Summary

Your Engine/Speed Management Summary

Improvement in efficiency in field mode due to Engine/Speed Management
Parameterw/o ESMw/ ESMDifference
Profitable advantage due to ESMSavings
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Forage Quality Value Calculator

Forage Quality Value CalculatorSTART OVER
  1. Ha planted for Corn
  2. Yield in tFM per Hectare
  3. Price for Dried Corn per Tonne
  4. Price per tFM Corn
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Total Savings

Total Savings
with HarvestLab

Total Savings
with KernelStar
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CH-hour = refers to the Cutter head hour, includes  turning- and non productive time in field mode

Engine hour = refers to the the engine hour , includes roading time and all other non productive time

CSPS = Corn Silage Processing Score = % amount of starch falling through a 4,75mm sieve out of the total available starch

FM= Freshmass

CSPS Maturity= DM concentration of whole plant corn is the best practical indicator of maturity

DM= Drymatter